Muffin Top: Causes and how to eliminate a muffin top

All people yearn to have a muffin that is not protruding and making them look bad. To many people, extra fat makes them frustrated, have a low self-esteem and may be hard changing it. With several ways of eliminating it such as detoxifying, exercise, or diet, it becomes overwhelming in choosing what will be best for you. In this article, we will guide you to understand what causes a muffin top and be able to pick the best ways of getting rid of that extra fat.

What Causes of a muffin top?

Muffin top can be caused by several factors which include carrying excess fat in the midsection as the main cause.

1. Genes

Having excess fat can be deposited in your waistline, thus, causing a muffin top. For some people, genetics makes their bodies to store a lot of fat naturally. You may have inherited it from your grandparents or parents, therefore, ending up with the same shape as they were or are. However, in case it is genetic, don’t let this put you down but rather you can still get rid of it.

2. Diet

Having a poor diet such as eating too sugary foods such as drinks, food with high sodium or artificial ingredients mainly causes that bloat on your belly. Food that causes bloating vary in different people and in such case you should monitor what you eat and how your body reacts.

3. Stress

People with chronic stress often end up having more visceral fat due to the body flooding with cortical that sends a signal to retain the visceral fat. This fat is stored around the abdominal cavity leading to you having a belly fat. Stress may also push you to eat sugary and salty snacks for survival, hence, storing a lot of visceral fat. To avoid this, you should learn the mechanisms that will help you manage stress.

4. Hormones

For women entering the menopause age, the change of hormones can result in those ladies having excess fat in the midsection. Low estrogen and progesterone also cause the body to store excess fat in your belly than required.

Myths of belly fat

There are many misleading stories of how you can eliminate that muffin top easily within a very short time which may not be true. Some may try this out but may fail to achieve what it had been said it will.

  1. Starvation is the best diet

Most people will convince you that starving as a change in diet will enable you to eliminate that muffin top quickly. You may start skipping meals or eating some food but may not work. Skipping meals makes the body be in starvation mode and end up storing calories as fat to stand it. Eating healthy and proper proportions will be the only way to enable you to get rid of that muffin top.

  1. Spot workout reduces fat accumulation

Working one part of your body that annoys you will not be the best solution to help you eliminate it. Doing many crunches does not get rid of a muffin top either but rather working on a whole lower part of your body will help.

  1. Constant cardio eliminates muffin top

As much cardio exercise is important, doing it in many hours will not mean that you will quickly get rid of it. Doing it for a few hours such as 2 in a week will be enough. It helps to burn calories, increasing energy and opening oxygen path. A mixture of cardio and eating healthy will greatly help eliminate your muffin top.

Ways of getting rid of a muffin top

We have gone through the main causes and myths of a muffin top and it will be good to look at ways that will help you get rid of that muffin top.

1. Eating healthy

Healthy eating helps in getting rid of a muffin top. Make sure to avoid excess carbohydrates or sugar since it causes accumulation of fat. Due to poor eating, excess calories are stored in terms of fat making your belly grow. Ensure that the food you eat includes vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, and right lean protein.

2. Training

Cardio exercises at low intensity enable you to lose a lot of muscle weight. Getting rid of muscle weight is not recommended because it is this that will help you to burn calories. Increase in lean muscle increases basal metabolic rate, thus, the high rate of calorie burning. Do more strength training up to 2 times a week to get rid of that muffin top.

3. Cardio intervals

Try high-intensity interval training where you will perform cardio exercises in a short time with some rests in between. This is efficient in burning excess calories while keeping metabolism high after exercising.

4. Right way core training

It is very important to exercise properly while observing a healthy diet in order to get rid of a muffin top and achieving a flat belly by strengthening Transverse Abdominals a muscle in your belly. This pulls your tummy in, improves posture and protects your back. Pilate exercise will be best.

Muffin top workouts

  1. Reverse crunches
  2. Can-can which involves swinging the knees and legs lengthening
  3.  Toe reach -rolling up and reaching your toes will help in getting rid of a muffin top

To avoid a muffin top, it is good to observe your diet but if you already have it, exercising while eating healthy is very important. However, getting rid of a muffin top may take long and you may soon want to fit into that beautiful dress or other outfits. A muffin top shapewear will in this case come in handy to help you achieve that perfect shape.

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