Features to look for in a window air conditioner

A window air conditioner is an air conditioning system which is always mounted on walls or windows. Fans are mounted on both sides of shaft fan motor at the evaporator and condenser side. Suitable in cooling a single room and it is always easy to install if you intent to cool one room or when a central air cooling system seem not to be practical. There are various models designed that operate in several modes. They include:

The cooling mode

This takes the room air then cools it down directing it back to the room. The models are designed with different cooling levels that you can be able to preset to either cool at the selected level until you change it or set to a temperature you desire that the unit maintains. Upon sensing that the desired temperature has been attained it cycles off.

A fan-only mode

It uses less energy thus providing no cooling. It mainly circulates and filters the air in the room.

Heating Mode

The air conditioner enables you to set the temperature you desire making the heating system to cycle on and off in order to maintain it.

Features to look for in a window air conditioner

☑ Adjustable fan speed

The best window air conditioner allows you select a speed that will cool your room and adjust it to a speed that produces noise that is tolerable.

☑ Remote control

This allows you change setting or turn it on and off from another room. You can also use it as a temperature sensor to activate it when remote air is much warmer than specified temperature in the settings.

☑ Extra long cord

This will enable you to reach a power outlet more easily.

☑ Filter alert

This sends a signal that enables you know when the air filter is blocked by dirt and needs to be cleaned.

☑ Programmable timer

You are able to set it to turn on or off at a particular time hence reducing energy consumed as it only operates when needed. Once the timer has been set, it turns on if it was off and if on then it will shut off at a particular point.

☑ Air direction control 

You can be able to manipulate the air to flow in a specific direction. You can adjust it to direct air from blowing to people if placed in your living room and be able to optimize air flow if you are utilizing a room.

☑ Electronic ionizer

This removes impurities from the air avoiding the blockage of the air conditioner.

☑ Venting options

Enables you to re-circulate air in the room, pull it outside or exhaust the room air out of the room.

Installation and energy efficiency tips

-Make sure the circuit amperage and voltage is right.

-The line should be free of appliances.

-The outlet should be well grounded.

-The grounding prong should always remain in the plug.

-Close fireplace dampers to keep cool air in the room and open it when using it or a cooling system.

-To seal and insulate around the conditioner then use weather-stripping and foam side panels.

-When sunny then close window treatments without blocking air flow and turn it off opening the windows and doors when the period is cool.

-Use a dehumidifier in the basement in order to prevent excess moisture from seeping into the house.

-In order to reduce solar and outdoor heat then use window blinds.

-A higher thermostat setting is suitable during peak seasons or in an unoccupied area.

-In order to draw in outside air that is cool then use a unit or portable fan as it also increases circulation.

Maintenance tips

-Clean the filter regularly to increase efficiency by using a vacuum cleaner or water with a mild detergent and allow it to dry.

-Use a damp cloth and mild detergent in wiping the cabinet and avoid water getting into the control panel.

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