Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners Brands for Large Rooms Reviews

If you’re living in a large room that ranges from 350 to 650 square feet and you’re looking for an air conditioner that will cool your larger room. Then this article will best guide and inform you of a brand that will suit you.

Why buy a top rated window air conditioner and not any other type of air conditioner?

If you require cooling off a large office, living room, or bedroom, selecting the best window air conditioner is a great choice. The cost of a window air conditioner is less than that of a central air conditioner. Also, the air conditioner operates on less energy.

After five summers of examination, trying, and review of various brands of window air conditioners, the article has explored on high quality, affordable, and energy-efficient brands that fit the bill of 10 top rated window air conditioners.

10 Best window air conditioners for large rooms or offices

1. Frigidaire 115V 10,000 BTU Window mounted air conditioner

Frigidaire is the best air conditioner on the market if you intend to cool a larger room up to 450 sq. It is very easy to install and will fit perfectly into your window. It has three cooling speeds, an eight-way air direction control, dehumidification settings and it is designed to easily control it.

Features of Frigidaire 115v

☑ The multi-electronic speed controls and a remote control make it easy to adjust and control it from a distance.

☑ Has a 24 hr timer that makes sure that it automatically switches on when the room is hot and off when the room has been fully cooled hence saving you energy cost.

☑ It is energy efficient with 10.9 ERR hence reducing costs incurred on energy.

☑ It cools a room of up to 450 square feet and dehumidification of up to 2.7 pints per hour. This makes sure the room is cooled well.

☑The eight-way air direction ensures that the room is maximally cooled and the washable filter mesh with an indicator makes it possible for the operation to continue well.

What we loved

? It quickly cools the room

? 24-hour timer

? Energy efficient

? 8-way air direction control

? Multi-electronic and remote control

What we didn’t like

☹ Pricey

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2. LG LW1017ERSM Energy Star 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi

If you have had a very long day at work during hot days and hope to be home and relax in a very cool environment then this air conditioner will be best for you.

The ability to connect it to your computer or Smartphone makes it easier to adjust the temperatures or fan settings from any place. LGLW1017 works well for room up to 500 sq. Ft.

Features of LG Energy Star

☑ It can dehumidify up to 2.7 pints per hour hence removing any humid air in the room leaving you with cool air and dry air.

☑ The 10,000 BTUs enables it to cool a room of up to 450 square feet hence suitable for rooms or offices that are large.

☑ 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds make the cooling process flexible and ensure maximum cooling for a comfortable environment.

☑ It has an energy efficiency rating of 12.1 hence uses less energy in cooling the house which in turn saves you money.

What we loved

? Energy efficient

? Wi-Fi enhanced

? 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds

? Energy efficient

? Has a dehumidifier

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit noisy

3. Frigidaire FFRE1833S2 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

Frigidaire best air conditioner cools larger rooms of up to 1,020 sq. ft. Frigidaire FFRE1833S2 comes with a temperature sensing remote control. It has 3 cooling speeds, an eight-way direction control system and a clean air ionizer.

It is the best one in the market as it is more effective, faster and user-friendly. It requires a 230-volt electrical outlet for it to operate effectively. The air conditioner has an 11.8 ERR.

Features of Frigidaire FFRE1833S2

☑ The three cooling speeds and eight-way air direction control enables you to control the direction at which you want cool air to flow.

☑ The exhaust control and fresh air vents often remove odors to make sure that you are supplied with cool and fresh air.

☑The presence of a dirty filter indicator and a washable filter that slides out will alert you when dirty have built up for you to clean ensuring continuous operation.

☑ It has a clean air ionizer that makes sure that any pollen or impurities in the air are removed therefore supplying clean air free from allergies.

☑ The effortless temperature sensing remote will enable you to set, regularly check and maintain the room temperature.

What we loved

? Sleep mode

? Energy saving mode

? 24-hour timer

? Cools the room faster

? Durable

? User-friendly

? Quiet operation

? It is safe


☹ Pricey

4. LG LW1216ER 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

It is not more expensive and is able to cool a larger room more efficiently and quickly. This LG air conditioner brand covers room up to 550 square feet.

You can use it in more than one room and be sure it will cool the room better and quietly. The remote and digital controls also allow you to control its four settings and the three fan speeds.

It has an energy saving button that will go off when the room has been fully cooled and on when the temperature rises. The inner and outer units are also separate making it easy to clean. It has a well working thermostat and the electricity bill will not be high.

Its downside is that it is heavy but easy to install since it comes with an installation kit that has the hardware necessary for installation.

Features of LG LW1216ER

☑ It has filters that are easy to clean making it work properly without any interference. You will be able to remove dirt which may clog the fins on time.

☑ The remote control makes your control easy to achieve the desired temperature hence making your stay comfortable.

☑ The energy saver settings will enable you to set the thermostat to a certain temperature and upon reaching this level then it will automatically cycle off and on when cycling is required.

☑ The three fan settings will allow you to adjust the speed of its operation to make sure that your room is perfectly cooled.

What we loved

? 3 fan settings

? Quiet operation

? Easy to clean

? Cools down large rooms

? Remote and digital controls

? Energy saving mode

What we liked

☹ Uses more energy hence higher electricity bills.

☹ Heavy

☹ Expensive

5. Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner

Do you suffer from allergies or have a family member that battles with various allergies? This air conditioner has additional dehumidification features that will ensure that the air you breathe is cool and clean from any particles which may be allergic as it filters impurities and pollen that causes allergy from the air. It is a modern air conditioner as it allows you to control it from your Smartphone.

It has 10,000 BTUs which makes it perfect for cooling large rooms of up to 450 square feet. It also has a 24-hour timer.

Features of Frigidaire 10,000 Cool Connect

☑ It can be connected to Wi-Fi which can be operated from your Smartphone by installing a Frigidaire smart app from anywhere.

☑ The best air conditioners brand for large rooms has an energy efficiency rating of 12.o meaning that it greatly saves the energy used to run it, therefore, saving you money.

☑ Having 10,000 BTUs makes it cool a large space of up to 450 square feet with dehumidification of 3 pints per hour.

☑ The air conditioner uses a smart device in adjusting the fan speeds, changing temperatures, controlling modes and switching it on or off.

☑ It comes with a clean air ionizer that will remove any impurities and pollen in the air which could otherwise cause allergies.

☑ The 24-hour timer makes it possible to switch it on when it is hot and off when the room has been fully cooled.

What we loved

? Smart devices

? Wi-Fi connected

? Energy efficient

? 24-hour timer

? Clean air ionizer

What we didn’t like

☹ Didn’t find anything wrong

6. LG LW8017ERSM

If in case you are looking for a window air conditioner to cool a large room that measures up to 340 square feet then LG LW8017ERSM is the best choice. It can circulate more than 220 cubic feet per minute of air cooling a hotter room fast.

It is energy efficient with a 12.1 ERR and costs more to run than other air conditioning units. It is able to remove moisture from the air compared to other units at 2.2 pints per hour. It is best used in humid climate. The cost of running it can go up to 60$.

It is more convenient since it has an energy saver mode which will turn the fan when the compressor is off which will cycle on and off automatically when the room becomes hot. The sleep mode raises the temperature slowly on the thermostat at night hence conserving energy and making sure you sleep comfortably. It also prevents the compressor from overworking.

What we loved

? Energy efficient

? Auto restart

? Energy saver mode

? Sleep mode

? Dehumidify

? Cools up to 340 square feet

? 4-way directional louvers

What we didn’t like

☹ It is expensive

7. Frigidaire FFRA1022R1 10000 BTU 115 –volt window mounted compact air conditioner

This is perfect when cooling a large room or office of up to 450 square feet since it contains 10,000 BTU. During hot days you are assured of quick cooling of the room with no noise at all. The power also starts low hence conserving energy. It has electronic controls which you can comfortably adjust the temperatures. The remote control allows you to control the speed from any place in the room. It also has 3 fan and cooling speeds and a 8-way air control direction. The filter is made of mesh hence washable and its ability to slide-out reduces odors and bacteria which may be harmful to your health.

Features Frigidaire FFRA1022R1

☑ Customizable controls-with electronic controls makes control of temperature easier. A 24 hr timer also make sure that it turns on or off when needed to.

☑ The auto cool mode allows adjustment of speed to make sure that the correct temperatures are attained.

☑ The fully-functioning remote allows you to control the fan speed and the temperature from anywhere in your room. It also has an asleep, auto cool, energy saver and a timer button.

☑ 8-way air cooling direction design allows you to adjust it to the direction you want to be cooled which will, therefore, get the job well done.

☑ The meshed antibacterial filter reduces bacteria and any odors which could be unhealthier for you. It also has an indicator and is washable to ensure the operation is not interfered with.

What we loved

? Auto cool mode

? Remote control

? Electronic controls

? 24-hour timer

? 8-way direction air control

? Antibacterial filter

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit noisy

8. SPT WA-12FMS1

It is perfect when you want to cool a single room and best for vertical windows. In this case, SPT WA-12FMS1 is a good brand since it is user-friendly and comes with a follow me remote which will enable you to adjust the temperature from any place in the room.

Also, the brand has a remote control, a removable and washable air filter with an indicator, a timer and a window kit which makes installation easy.

However, SPT WA-12FMS1 is noisier than the LG regardless of setting it at low or high speed.

Features of SPT WA-12FMS1 

☑ The brand has a remote control that will enable you to adjust the room temperature at any given time from the comfort of your couch.

☑ It contains a fresh air vent that will ensure that air circulates in the room and that any odor in the room is removed. This will make your stay comfy.

☑ The ability to auto restart means that when there is loss of power, it will automatically restart when the power comes back hence cooling your room.

☑ Thermostat controlled energy saver will see it use less energy hence low electricity bills and saving you more money.

☑ The timer allows you to program it to when you wish it to be on or to be off hence will see it not operating when no one is using the room. This will greatly save you money as less energy will be used.

☑ The air filter is removable and washable. This will enable you to regularly check for debris and clean it to ensure that operation is not interfered with.

What we loved 

? Energy Saver

? Remote control

? Auto restart

? Sleep mode

? 24- Hour Timer

? Fresh air vent

? Washable air filter

? 3 fan speeds

What we didn’t liked

☹ Noisy

9. LG LW1216ER 12,000 BTU 115V

If you want an air conditioner that will cool your large room or space perfectly, then LG LW1216ER is the best brand to pick. Its cooling capacity is top-notch and often comes with a digital control. It is heavy weighing 85 pounds hence may be hard to install but has a chassis that slides out, therefore, makes its installation easy.

It is always mounted in the window. This model has 12,000 BTUs that makes it suitable for cooling a room of up to 550 square feet. It will cool your room well at no higher costly LW1216ER produces less noise when at low setting.

Other features that make it the best pick include built-in-timer, remote control, a dirty filter indicator, three cooling speeds and three fan speeds, four-way air direction control and energy saving mode. The machine comes with a limited warranty of one year.


☑ Built-in timer allows you to program it that will enable you to be able to switch on or off at the time you have set.

☑ The three cooling speeds and three fan speeds

☑ Four-way air direction

☑ Energy saving mode means that less energy will be used when operating hence low electricity cost which will save you money.

☑ The dirty filter indicator often sends a signal and you will be able to know when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. This makes sure that operation is not interfered with.

What we loved

? Three cooling speeds and three fan speeds

? Four-way air direction control

? Energy efficient

? Built-in-timer

? Dirty filter indicator

What we liked

☹Has a limited warranty

10. Pioneer WYS012-17 Air conditioner inverter + Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split system air conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set 12,000 BTU 115v

This air conditioner has both ductless indoor and outdoor unit. However, it is more expensive compared to window-mounted air conditioning units but with it, you are assured of greater service during summer. Its mini-split system and heat pump are highly rated with a heating capacity of 12,000 BTU hence best for cooling larger rooms easily.

The best thing about it is that it uses less energy, reducing your electricity cost and also the fans located inside and outside are extremely quiet. The inside section has a modern sleek design with a dimmable LED display that makes it possible to be mounted on the wall.

It comes with necessary equipment for installation such as drain line extension and copper tubing and also has a wireless remote control.

Features of Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter

☑ Indoor and outdoor unit

☑ Installation kit options

☑ Wireless remote control

☑ Flare connection leak guard sealer

What we loved

? Installation and user’s manual

? Manufacturer warranty

? Wireless remote control

?Installation kit

What we liked

☹ Pricey

Buyers Guide: Factors to look for while shopping for a window air conditioner

? Cooling Capacity

This must be a factor that you should first consider for you to pick the best air conditioner. Its capacity to cool the room is expressed in British Thermal Units and the higher the BTU then it can cool a bigger room.

A lower BTU will run for long when cooling a large room hence consuming more energy while a very big BTU will not evenly dehumidify and cool your room. For a perfect air conditioner makes sure you first calculate the size of the room in square feet then compare with the BTU.
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? Things to consider in getting a proper estimate:

-If the ceiling height is above 8 feet then increase the BTU level.

-In case the room is always sunny during daytime increase BTU by ten

-For additional person occupying the room, make sure to increase it by 600 BTUs

-If you intend to use it in the kitchen make sure that the capacity is increased by 4,000 BTUs.

Example Anchor Text

? Energy-Efficiency

They are cheap and last for long. Make sure to look for the Energy Star rating or the ERR number to determine its energy efficiency. Energy star rated air conditioner uses less energy, therefore, saving you money. For control of the energy use, it usually comes with cooling speeds, digital thermostats, and programmable timers.

The Energy Efficiency Ratio will indicate the amount of BTU the unit uses. A higher ERR means that the air conditioner is more efficient.

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? Installation

Most window air conditioners fit inside standard windows that double hung although some can be installed in a wall provided that it has the necessary hardware. It is best if the window is too large or too small.

For the window measure both the dimensions and width inside for you to compare with the measurements stated in the air conditioner. If it does not fit well then do not worry because the installation kit has side curtains that will cover the excess space.

If you intend to install it in the wall then make sure it is designed for walls and has an installation kit. Measure the dimensions of the open wall to help you compare it with ones specified in the air conditioner.

? Electrical Requirements

Most window air conditioners are usually powerful than the appliances in your house. We recommend you to first check your electrical systems to make sure it meets the required electrical system by the unit.

If you want an air conditioner with less than 15,000 BTU then check for 115 to 220-volt circuit but if above 15,000 BTU then you will have to do a special wiring.

? Maintenance

For good and lasting performance, you must regularly maintain your window air conditioner to make sure that debris and dirt do not accumulate inside which might otherwise interfere its operation.

Clean it at least once per year to make sure it lasts for long. It is always convenient if your air conditioner has a sliding chassis since it will be easy o clean. Use water and mild soap to clean it.


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