Top 10 Best Smart Watch for Men (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

For both men and women, owning a smartwatch is a great idea. The best men’s smartwatches will help you know the number of calories you have burned in a workout, track your heart, monitor your sleeping pattern, and tons of other benefits. In this article, we shall only review the best smartwatches for men. However, for women, you can read the reviews for top-rated smartwatches here.

What are the Health benefits of owning a smartwatch?

☑ It Monitors your Calories

The best smart watch for men will measure you’re your physical activity depending on the work or physical activity that you’re carrying out. The watch helps you to track the calories that you burn each day, your intensity on the gym, and your progress over time.

☑ Track Heart Rate

The smart watch will help you to track your heart rate while you’re resting and this can tell you more about the health condition of your body.

☑ Examine your Sleep

The amount of sleep is important in your health and don’t underestimate the need for sleep. The recommended sleeping hour in a day is between 7-9 days. Though the kind of work we do and the lifestyle that we maintain may not allow, a smartwatch helps you to store important data on your sleeping patterns so as to make conscious health decisions that could enhance your lifestyle.

☑ Check your Water Intake

Keeping track of your water intake aid to improve your skin complexion, eliminate toxins, relieve fatigue, and increase your energy. Medics recommend that men take about 2 L or 10 glasses of 200ml of fluid daily. This can seem like an easy task but it is truly not a simple job and that is why using a smart watch can help you monitor your water intake.

Table of 10 Best Smart Watch for Men to Buy

What are the Additional benefits of wearing a smartwatch?

✅ Notifications

A smart watch gives you notifications from Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social notifications on the watch. It simplifies the ease of receiving important information without having to remove your phone from a purse or bag.

✅ Social Etiquette

Checking your phone while in a meeting or a social gathering can be offensive. A smartwatch saves you the ‘rudeness’ portrayed when you reach for your phone to check for notifications. It helps to check on your notification with a swift glance at your wrist.

✅ Answer Calls

A good smart watch will permit users to decline or accept calls on the watch. However, the watch activates the microphone or the phone’s speaker for the conversion. This feature is helpful while driving and you cannot easily access your smartphone.

✅ Music

When traveling to any place in the town, you can listen to music through your smartwatch and can adjust the volume of your music to the level that you want.

✅ Navigation

A smart watch helps you to navigate around a town much easier. The smartwatches send directions to your wrists telling you where and when to turn next.

These watches are perfectly crafted just like the dress watches and you can be able to wear it to diverse events. The article has reviewed 10 top rated smartwatches for men.

10 Best Smart Watches for men

1. Best Overall: Apple Watch Series 1 42mm 

If you are looking for a watch for outdoor activities that can monitor your heart rate and activities this Apple smartwatch is the ideal watch for you. The changeable face enables you to make sure that it matches with your outfit. It is Bluetooth enabled, splash resistant and its battery can last up to 18 hours.


✅ Waterproof

✅ Bluetooth connected

✅ Heart rate tracker

2. Best Smartwatch with pay option: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch 

This Samsung smartwatch has a bezel made of steel for you to get notifications and access apps. With this watch, you can always call, text and get notifications through the Bluetooth connection to your watch. It makes it easy for you to make payments with the Samsung pay option anywhere so you don’t have to carry your wallet with you. It can resist dust, water, and even extreme temperatures.

It can work well with your iOS or Android phone as you can use their Bluetooth. The watch also features a microphone and built-in speaker that enables you to call or receive calls comfortably. With the GPS tracker, you can track your activities from anywhere and share it with friends and family. Your watch can last for long with only a single charge and when you need to recharge it, it can power up without stopping by using a wireless charger.


✅ Digital display

✅ The battery can last up to 3 days

✅ It features a built-in microphone and speaker

✅ It has a built-in GPS

✅ Heart rate and health fitness tracker

✅ Bluetooth enabled

3. Elegant and Stylish: A/X Armani Exchange Active Smartwatch

This AX smart watch is modern, stylish and works well with iPhones and Androids. Time displayed is accurate and in case you travel to a different location, the time zone will be automatically updated.

Track each and every day’s activity you do and get calls and texts notifications with the AIX app. Check time by only pressing a button and control music from your Smartphone. It is made of a stainless steel material to prevent irritation and features a quartz movement for accurate timing. This watch can resist water to 50 meters thus ideal for swimming but cannot withstand diving.


✅ Sleep tracking

✅ Activity tracking

✅ Quartz movement

✅ Customizable buttons

✅ Auto-time update

✅ Up to 6 month’s battery life

4. Best Smart Watch for Swimming: Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

The Fitbit watch was created to make your workout enjoyable and making sure you keep fit. It features a smart hub with workouts, coaching, trackers, several sports modes to track various workouts and GPS to enable you to track your pace, distance and map your route. You can be able to receive notifications, play music, make payments and also make and receive calls.

Notifications are only enabled if you have a 5.0+ Android. With the heart rate tracker, you can be able to track your pulse so that you will ensure that your health is perfect. It is a waterproof fitness tracker, therefore, go out to the beach or swimming pool and have fun.


-Built-in GPS

✅ Heart tracker

✅ Swim-proof

✅ Enabled notification

✅ It has a payment app

5. Best Smart Watch under $200: Fossil Q Men’s Gen 3 Explorist 

Are you ready to roll out for an adventure?  If yes then this Fossil men’s smart watch is what you should not miss having as it will keep you connected from wherever you are since it is compatible with iPhone and Android. The Fossil Q is a touch screen men’s smart watch that can be synced to your Smartphone to enable you to get notifications.

It features activity tracking, touch screen function, music, speakers control and alarm setting. Depending on usage the battery can last up to 24 hours and can resist water. You can always change its face to have the color you like. The straps are also interchangeable, thus, you can always change to make sure it matches your outfit.

Avoid using a USB hub, cable, splitter or battery pack when charging it because it will greatly damage it but rather use its original charger.


✅cQuartz movement

✅ Round shape

✅ Stainless steel case and band material to prevent irritation

✅ Weighs 8.80 ounces

✅ Digital display

6. Best for luxury sports: Michael Kors Men’s 

The Michael Kors collection is known for creating luxurious sporty watches with display face of a higher definition with a crown that is able to rotate for you to scroll through the apps quickly. You can customize its face and straps to fit the occasions and have an elegant style. The app enables you to tune it for notifications at any time.

This watch notifies you through your Smartphone and has a touchscreen function. It is able to track your daily activities. The band and case are made of the stainless steel material to prevent skin irritation and both have a silver color that makes it beautiful. It has music controls and customizable faces. The battery can last up to 24 hours but less if you use the GPS.

It is powered by power OS and supports Android with OS over 4.4+ and iOS 9.3+  which have a Bluetooth 4.1. Its quality is high and it is authentic as it is sold directly by the manufacturer.


✅ Round shape

✅ It is 100 feet deep water resistant

✅ Quartz movement

✅ Weighs 8 ounces

✅ Stainless steel band and case material

✅ Analog and digital display

✅ A silver band and a black dial

7. Best smartwatch under $500: Casio Men’s ‘Pro Trek’ 

The Casio manufacturers released its first watch in 1974 and over the years they have improved and are now creating Bluetooth watches which you can sync with your phone. This men’s Casio smart watch is perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, snowing and trekking. It has a built-in sensor enables it to measure atmospheric pressure, the altitude of different locations and displays the location’s full map. It also features a communication app through which you can collect information and then share it with friends and can detect climate change.

It is 2.0 android and it is water resistant up to 50 meters, thus, suitable if you want to swim for a shorter time but cannot withstand diving. It features a digital compass, a barometer, Casio moment setter, activity tracker, timepiece mode and a microphone. If you use the GPS, the battery will last for 25 hours but if you don’t then it can last up to one month.


✅ Round shape

✅ 165 feet deep water resistant

✅ It has a calendar

✅ Weighs 3.20 ounces

✅ Digital display

8. Best Smartwatch under $300: Diesel On Men’s  

The Diesel Men’s smart watch enables you to call, text, and get notifications instantly by connecting it with your Android or iPhone. Tracking of activities is also enabled with burned calories by simply pressing a button. Go out for an adventure and take selfies for memory keeping and play music. In case you travel to a place with a different time zone, it will automatically update time.

The case and the bracelet have a gold-tone that makes it elegant. With the sub-disc, you can be able to track your activities while the sleep tracker enables you to keep a record the times you sleep and when you are awake. Alerts enable you not to miss any call or texts which may be important. The battery can last up to 6 months depending on your usage.


✅ Round shape

✅ Analog display

✅ 100 feet deep water resistant

✅ Weighs 6.56 ounces

✅ Stainless steel band and case material to avoid skin irritation

9. Best for Outdoor Activities: TicWatch Pro

The Ticwatch is an ideal watch for outdoor activities. It features power-saving LCD and AMOLED screen. Your battery usage is optimized by switching between the Smart and Essential mode. The stainless steel bezel makes it look good on you. Make a call, send a text or ask for directions from the Google assistant. There are several faces available for you to choose from.

Its battery can last up to 30 days depending on how you use it. The best part about it is that you can Google maps and check your email easily. It features a fitness app such as Google fit, run keeper and much more. This watch features a smart mode that connects several apps to your Smartphone through the Google play to enable you to track your fitness and health.

The essential mode displays information about time, date, steps you cover or your heart rate and the calories burned. Also, it features a built-in tracker GPS tracker to track your activities and location. The sleep tracker enables you to monitor when you are awake or sleep. You can make payments from your watch, thus, you don’t have to have your wallet as it may get lost. Stream and enjoy music when doing other activities anywhere.


✅ It features smart and efficient mode for battery use optimization

✅ 30 days battery lifespan

✅ Built-in GPS tracker

✅ Sleep tracker

✅ Payment app

10. Best under $100 smartwatch: Amazfit Bip 

This cheap smart watch for men comes with a variety of color and options. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks good as you feel, then this is the perfect choice for you.

It has 4 sports modes (heart rate monitoring, daily goal achievement, automatic activity tracking, and MiFit APP) that guide your fitness activities. The best smart watch for men helps to monitor the heart rate and has a built-in GPS to permit you to correctly trail in real-time steps taken, calorie burned, traveled distance, and quality of sleep.


✅ Smart notifications

✅ Sleep quality monitor

✅ Alarm clock, stopwatch, and timer

✅ 4 sport modes

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