Looking for the Best Watches for Suits? Read on this amazing Guide for Best Dress Watches

There are various watches that have been designed for specific functions such as sports, field, racing, diving, military and much more. However, in this article, we will be looking for a guide to buying the best dress watches for men. Its main function is formed in order to enable you to compliment it with your formal outfit or business suit. Dress watches have no second hands hence they cannot be used for accurate timekeeping.

Highlights of Best Dress Watches

✅ Proportion– a dress watch should be well proportioned on the wrist to avoid drawing attention to it because it will have failed in its function if it does so.

✅ Size– a dress watch is often worn with a suit, therefore, it is important that it is thin so that it can slip into your shirt’s cuff and out of it with no difficulties.

✅ Matching leather and metals– We recommend that you get one whose leather and metals will match together with your shoes and belt for a stunning look.

✅ Simplicity– Your dress watch should be simple. Mainly pick one with roman numbers but if Arabic is used then make sure they are small. Most use metal sabre style in the hour display which makes it the best.

✅ Undecorated bezel and dial– Both the dial and bezel should not be decorated for simplicity and to match with any outfit or suit you put on. Most have a metallic, black or white faces that make it very simple and perfectly match with your suit.

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Dress watches are not mainly designed for timekeeping, thus, the idea of picking one with a large and high dial is not recommended as those are suitable for sports. With the features above, the result will be a nice and small dress watch that will be able to compliment your outfit to give you a stunning look so that you can stand out in any occasion.

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