When to transition from crib to toddler bed. An advice to Parents

Choosing the best toddler bed for kids

The side rails are low unlike infant beds that are fully enclosed in order to prevent your baby from rolling out of it. Its lowness to the ground ensures your baby is safe when entering or exiting. It uses the same mattress as that of an infant bed hence you won’t have to buy another one if transitioning from an infant bed. When to transition from a bassinet to a crib to toddler bed? Let’s answer this question.

When to transition to toddler bed

  • -At birth to around 5 months, a newborn should use a bassinet
  • -From 5 months to around 18 months, your infant should use a crib.
  • When your baby reaches the age limit especially between 18 months and 2 yrs then considers having a toddler bed.
  • -When your baby starts to get out of the crib alone then it is time you put him in a toddler bed so that he will not fall or get hurt when climbing out of the crib.
  • -If you are expecting another baby then you will have to move the older kid to a toddler bed.
  • -A toddler bed bunk is the best option if your toddler sleeps in one room with a bigger kid who is able to sleep at the top.
  • -In case your baby wakes up much earlier than you then a toddler bed will be good since he will play inside for a while as you rest.
  • -If you have trained your toddler to use a potty and has started to use it on his own then you should consider buying a toddler bed.

What you should know about toddler beds before buying one (Buyer’s Guide)

Size of the toddler bed-they are always of the same size as cribs making it advantageous since you can use the same mattress you previously used in a crib.

Cribs that convert to toddler beds-such models do exist and it may only require a conversion kit to do so or just remove the sides of the crib.

Your baby is likely to leave it sooner-this is because it is always of the same size as the crib hence a twin bed may be the best option to go for.

What to look for in a toddler bed to make sure it is safe

✓ It should sit low to the ground-This makes sure that your child gets out of bed without any difficulties and won’t be hurt.

✓ A solid bed-A wood framed one is always more sturdy but if in case you decide to go for a metal one then make sure that the screws at the joints are secure.

✓ Guardrails should attach to the bed frame-this will prevent your baby from rolling out of the bed. They should be installed at both sides and must be flush with the mattress.

✓ Bed frame should be well designed-make sure that the edges are round to protect your child from being injured by sharp edges.

✓ Make sure the paint and finishes are not toxic-since your baby may be allergic to it or chew it.

✓ The mattress must be well fitting and fire retardant –for the comfort of your child and the surface must be firm to prevent suffocation.

✓ The bed must well fit the mattress-this will make sure your baby is not trapped in the gaps as he may end up being hurt.

Safety considerations

  • -Keep all small objects away from the bed as your baby may swallow them.
  • -Placing a gate at the bed’s doorway will make sure that your baby is kept inside and will not roam around the house to avoid getting hurt.
  • -Make sure that the outlets and cords are well covered.

Easiest way of transitioning your baby to a toddler bed

Sometimes it might be hard thing to do as your child may be a bit resistant. Your child’s sleep may also be disrupted for moving to the bed and in such a case if he/she can still sleep well in the crib then do not hurry moving him out.

Place the bed in the same place where the crib was previously positioned to make it much easier to adapt to it. This also makes it comfortable and cozy for the baby. Involving your child in shopping for the bed or during conversion makes it easier and exciting for your baby to move into it.

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