Top 5 Best Shapewear for Muffin Top Reviews

What is a Muffin Top?

A muffin top is a roll of fat that is noticeable above the waistline of pants, skirts, or tight-fitting low-waist trousers. It is a feared type of fat because it is difficult to burn the plump or fat. However, with proper exercise and diet, you can be able to comfortably burn the muffin to and regain your sexy body back.

You will all agree with me that there is no woman who would love seeing bulge hanging over the top of their pants, jeans or skirts as it makes a woman look shapeless and unappealing. Observing your diet and exercising is the best way to reduce that muffin top. However, that may take time to give you your desired results and that is why we recommend the use of shapewear.

5 Major Causes of a Muffin Top

i. Genetics

Research shows that genetics can result in you getting a muffin top. If your mum or grandma had a muffin top, then you may get that fat stored in your tummy. Thus, genetics is a great determinant of where the body decides to store its fat.

ii. Menopause

While approaching menopause, the level of estrogen in your body declines so does your RMR or the resting metabolic rate. The deficient of estrogen alter the way fat is spread around your body. Thus, most of the fat is stored in your belly.

iii. Stress

Stress can cause emotional eating where you can take more sugary items. Stress does not only result in emotional eating, but it also results in the body storing more abdominal fat.

iv. Age

The process of aging comes with its own challenges. As people get old, not only does the hormone change but the metabolism changes as well. It becomes even more complicated because the old lack the energy to workout and burn more energy than required. Injuries or medical situation can make exercise more challenging that can contribute to a person being more inactive.

v. Excess Calories

Eating too much is also a catalyst for gaining much weight and much of the gained weight may end up being stored around your abs.

Top 5 Muffin Top Shapewear and Back Fat

Benefits of wearing a body shaper

☑ Clothes will fit better

There are clothes that may not fit you well. Wearing shapewear can help you fit well and make your body look better whether you’re wearing casual or official wear.

☑ Lose Inches instantaneously

The shapewear is known to get rid of underwear lines, bra bulge, and muffin tops. It is likely to see muffin tops even with ladies who toiled hard and practice hard to be in good shape. Nonetheless, shapewear will help you to lose inches instantly and you can be able to go any event feeling great. It aids you to fit in smaller size clothes while you continue to diet so as to reach your desired size.

☑ Enhance Posture and aids to train your Abdominal Muscles

If you purchase a shapewear the covers whole abdominal region and incorporate the shoulder straps can be influential in aiding to pull the shoulder up and back and offer you better posture that can assist you to look thinner. Extended use of shapewear helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles as they can be always be pulled back to their proper position.

Perfect shapewear will give you a silhouette shape as you attend various functions. It is important to resist the need to purchase pieces that are smaller than your size as they can be counterproductive and generate additional bulges and rolls.  In this article, we have reviewed the 5 best muffin top shapewear on the market that can help you to hide the muffin top while you remain comfy.

Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

1. Best comfortable muffin top: Bali Shapewear 

If you are a woman who wants an ultra-feminine shapewear that will help in reducing muffin top then this Bali  Lace N Smooth body briefer will be suitable for you. Its Lycra fabric makes it beautiful to give you a perfect outstanding shape. This body briefer fits perfectly, comfortable and does not restrict your movement. It fully covers your body from the top. midsection and bottom hence tucking in all your bumps and lumps to give you a smooth body that hides your muffin top. It is also lightweight and does not show any lines under your clothing. What makes it best is that you can wear it as part of your outfit and it does not roll up or down. Apart from hiding your muffin top, it lifts and separates your breasts while holding you perfectly.


✅ 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex

✅ Hook and eye closure

✅ Hand wash

✅ Smooth lace that makes it breathable

✅ Soft seamless cup for support and extra coverage

✅ Breathable and comfortable

2. Best Muffin Top Shapewear under $50: VASSARETTE 

The Vassarette short pant is the best undergarment designed to smoothen the sides, remove the muffin top and tuck your tummy in for a sleek waistline and a great look so you can wear your jeans or pants full of confidence. It is smooth and makes you feel comfortable the whole day. Things that make it the best is that your waist stays up without rolling down, feels comfortable and it eradicates that muffin top so you can wear your clothes without having a bulging waistline. This best spanx for muffin top also flattens your tummy and if you get the right size, you can surely feel comfortable in it the whole day.


✅ 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex

✅ Hand wash

✅ Pull-on closure

✅ A soft seamless fabric which makes it light, smooth and comfortable

–Breathable and comfortable

3. Best Spanx for muffin top and love handles: Jockey Skimmies 

The Jockey Skimmies slip shorts is what women with muffin top would love to have as it helps in reducing or hiding it. This will make them look great with a fitting dress, pants, jeans, skirts or other clothing without bulges on waistline showing. This will make it boost a woman’s confidence and give her a fabulous body shape. The best undergarments to hide muffin top, fits perfectly, stretches, comfortable and does not show. It keeps your thighs from rubbing each other or burning and does not roll up or down. They are most suitable for summer as they are lightweight to make you feel more comfortable.


✅ 85% Nylon, 12% spandex and 3% cotton

✅ Machine wash

✅ Cotton gusset to prevent chafing

✅ Triangle back design increases motion range

✅ Lightweight

✅ Comfortable

4. Best lightweight shapewear for muffin top: Squeem Contouring Cincher

This Squeem waist cincher is suitable for off shoulder and dresses and tops that are strapless. It is designed to smoothen your midsection and hiding your muffin top so you can have that perfect curves. The cincher also provides back support and does not roll up when you wear it. Squeem slims your waistline, lifts your breasts a little, improving your posture and supports your back. Apart from hiding that muffin top, it will also reduce your waist size, improve metabolism and help you lose weight. It is comfortable to wear and enables you to move freely. This waist cincher fits perfectly and stays in place so you can comfortably wear it under your dress, top, or other clothing.


✅ Hand wash

✅ Hook and eye closure at the front

✅ Stainless steel interior boning for perfect shaping and support

✅ 75% Rubber and 25% cotton

✅ Internal boning for prevention of roll-ups

5. Best full body shapewear: Flexees by Maidenform 

This Maidenform Flexees shapewear perfectly smoothens your body by flattening your midsection and waistline in order to hide that muffin top. It will make you look beautiful in a fitting dress, jeans, pants or other clothing with no bulging muffin top. You will have to wear your own bra for flexibility. Its straps are wide and comfortable. The mesh lining at the tummy and sides makes it breathable so you can wear it comfortably for long. It is easy to wear, fits perfectly and breathable.  Do not hesitate to buy this if you want to reduce that muffin top so that you can wear your outfit with confidence.


✅ Hand wash

✅ Flexees closure

✅ Mesh lining

✅ Breathable

✅ Comfortable

✅ Wide straps

Best ways of hiding a muffin top

✅ Wear a shapewear to have a smooth body  and hide or reduce that muffin top

✅ Avoid wearing tight tops and look for ones with structured fabric which will skim your midsection and emphasize your bust

✅ If you are planning to wear jeans, put on high-waist jeans or a longer top with low-rise jeans. Jeans that have a stretchy waist is better than tight jeans.

✅ For dresses, a waist dress and a wrap dress is the most ideal. It will sit not too tight under your bustline and will give you an hourglass shape. For a comprehensive review of the best shapewear for dresses, read this review here.

Final Thought

We recommend that you measure your size correctly before ordering a shapewear. It must cover your waist well and stay in place all the time you wear it so that it can produce maximum results. Avoid the embarrassment or low self-esteem caused by muffin top by choosing one of the best shapewear we have reviewed and you will never be disappointed by the results you will achieve.

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