This is what you should check when buying the Best Skating Helmet

Features of best skateboarding helmet and guidelines to safe skateboarding

Most cases of head injury, broken legs or even death occurring from falling when skateboarding. Always, ensure you wear a helmet and other protective gears on. A skateboard helmet is the most crucial protective gear that you must always put on whenever riding. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, always make sure that you put it on at all times to avoid severe injuries or even death.

There are different models and sizes available in the market but make sure that the one you pick properly and securely fit your head.

A properly fitting helmet must:

  • -Be flat when worn and its bottom edge must be parallel to the ground.
  • -Sit low whenever you wear it on your forehead.
  • -The straps must form a V shape around the ear for maximum protection.
  • -The buckle must tightly fasten leaving no big space. The space between the strap and the chin should only fit your two fingers to provide maximum protection.
  • -The inside of the best skating helmets should have pads to make sure it snugly fits and are easily removable and washable.
  • -When you shake your head, ensure that it does not move to avoid it covering your face while skateboarding which may lead to falling which in turn causes injuries which may be severe.
  • -The helmet you pick should not in any way hinder you from moving, hearing or seeing.

When to replace your helmet

It is always recommended that you regularly check your helmet for any damages. Replace it if damaged, it becomes small or if recommended by the manufacturer.

Other protective gears

A part from helmets other protective gears that are also important includes wrist guards which provides support to your wrist and reducing cases of breaking your bones. Having the elbow and knee pads reduces cuts which may be severe and avoidance of gravel burns. The shoes you put on must be closed and resistant to slipping with glasses to keep off debris.

Also, buy the best skateboard brands on the market for easy and comfy cruising.

 Safety tips while skateboarding

-Never skate on rough pavements as you may easily fall or near traffic to avoid being knocked down by a car but rather in a park specifically designed  for skateboarding.

-Avoid holding onto a moving vehicle as you may easily fall and get knocked by another car or be severely injured.

Do not skate in wet weather as you may fall easily.

-Avoid crowded paths when skateboarding.

-Make sure that you first inspect the area you plan to skate in for any rough surfaces to ensure your safety.

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