Nest Security Camera and Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for a baby monitor that provides both home security and monitors your baby, then look no further because Nest security camera is the perfect indoor cam to have in your home.

At a price that is under $180, you can own this amazing security camera and baby monitor. Its design is beautiful and uses power saving you the cost of replacing the battery. The Nest Security Cam is able to send you any activity or motion alerts which keep you updated on what is taking place when you are not around.

The notification alerts you will receive is not only about your small baby but also about other kids, family members or any strangers who enter your house. You will be able to know when they come home from school, what they do around the house together with your pet’s activities and other people who intrude your home.

It features a microphone and a built-in speaker through which you can be able to listen and speak to the person who is around or be able to hear what is happening in the house. Nest Cam is designed to make your life as a mother easier as you will be able to control what goes on in and outside the baby’s room and your house.

It works with Alexa device for voice control which you will have to buy separately. Alerts are often transmitted through the Nest App immediately any movement is detected. The best thing about motion detection is that it can distinguish between someone entering the house and someone touching things in the house.

The Nest Cam has a compact-size design that makes installation easy. It works best in all kinds of homes and surfaces. Always set it on a flat surface. It features a built-in magnet which enables it to stick to metals. To attach it on the wall, use the removable wall plate that comes with it or unscrew and attach the camera to a standard tripod mount.

The device is designed to make sure that you are secure and safe since it can communicate with each other and other devices in your home. In case of an emergency, the smart light bulb is able to alert you or your smart dryer and washer can collect data from it and then run laundry if the demand of energy is low.

Features Nest Security Cam

⣠Plug-in and go security

If you are not always around to see what is going on in your home, then Nest Cam Indoor will enable you to have access to what goes on even when you are not around. The best thing is that it doesn’t use batteries but rather requires you to plug into a socket so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying.

⣠Nest Aware

The nest aware alerts you in case someone tries to enter into your home through your phone and it is able to save video history of between 10 and 30 days on the cloud, hence, you will be able to review the footage whenever you want. You will also be able to review activity photos recorded for the last three hours.

⣠Two-way audio

If a stranger enters into your house, you will be able to know what is going on and you can command the stranger to leave the house or let them know you are aware of what is going on. You can also be able to converse with another person who is in the house.

⣠Cloud storage

It is able to store and save all the video footage safely and securely in the history cloud which you can access easily and at anytime even when your monitor is stolen.

⣠Crisp 1080p video

Nest Cam has an 8x digital zoom, top quality glass lens, and an image antenna that allows you to zoom the images or the video in full HD. This makes sure that you do not miss any activity that takes or took place more clearly.

What we loved

  • -It streams live within 24-hours; therefore, you will be able to look at it anytime
  • -The Nest Aware subscription allows you to save all activities in 24 hours
  • -It features a two-way audio
  • -Person alerts are possible and you will be able to know if someone intrudes your home
  • -The cloud storage makes sure that the footage is safely and securely saved
  • -High quality 1080p glass lens full HD

What we did not like

  • -Some tablets, phones, and networks fail to support 1080p
  • -It costs more than other video monitors
Requirements to connect
  • -Working Wi-Fi
  • -A compatible phone/tablet or a web browser that has a free Nest App and 4.0 Bluetooth.
  • -A working broadband internet connectivity of 2 Mbps upload speed


Nest indoor cam is one of the best brands to pick because it uses no battery but you only plug it in the socket so the stress of having a dead battery is avoided. The Nest Aware sends alerts to your phone and streams live for 24 hours so you will be able to access all footage. In case any stranger enters the room or enters the house, you will be able to receive person alerts. It features a two-way audio that enables you to command a stranger or talk with your family. The data is often stored in the cloud and you can access all footage in the history even when it is stolen. The image sensor, high-quality glass lens allows you to view the footage in full HD. You can also use it for baby monitoring and home surveillance.

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