Top 3 Best Bassinet for Twins Reviews

I felt like I have won the lottery when the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant with twins. But even before the excitement got the better of me, nervousness started to creep in. I needed to prepare well for the coming of my twins.

Planning for twins can be overwhelming and draining in terms of resources and time used to source for the baby products that you need. There are so many products on the market and you may be spoilt of choices. But what bassinet will serve you well?

A bassinet or a co-sleeper provides the perfect and safest way to sleep together while getting the convenience of having both your kids close to you. As a mother of twins, I will help you to purchase the best bassinet for twins after years of research and my own personal experience.

Benefits of using a Bassinet

☑ Guarantees safety of the kid

☑ Rocking feature helps to sooth the kid

☑ Increases sleeping time for both baby and mom (you do not need to wake up in the middle of the night to check on your kid)

☑ Makes breastfeeding and changing diapers easier

☑ Reduces the chances of a kid falling from the bed

☑ It ensures there is bonding between kids and the parents

3 Best Bassinets for Twins

1. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

If you’re in search of a strong co sleeper that offers pack and play features for your twins, then this bassinet is the ideal option. It offers the best play yard option for your twins with two toys for each kid that keeps them busy and reduces the time they would be crying for your attention.

Baby trend suitability as a top rated bassinet does not end there. It is made up of mesh sides to allow appropriate ventilation. It has a flip away changing bench, electronic music hub with nightlight and volume control. The bassinet has a spacious organizer that hold ample supply of toys, changing essentials, and diapers.

The co sleeper has two rock-a-bye bassinet that is detachable and converts to a standalone rocker with a carry handle and canopy. If you want to move the babies from the bedroom to the living room, you will just remove the two bassinets from the stand and carry them just like a basket without having to move the whole unit.

Note: While washing-use warm water and mild soap (No bleaching, No machine wash)

Final Thought

Perfect Choice for twins

2. Halo Bassinest Twin Bassinet

If you’re looking for a co sleeper that will give you the required convenience making it easy to feed or change your babies, then the Halo Bassinet twin bassinet is the best choice for you. The best twin bassinet has tons of useful features.

The 360° swivel makes rotation easy and you can bring either of your babies close to you for feeding or dressing without having to move from your bed. The rotation is a very useful feature for moms who have undergone C-section as you can be able to do all this without lifting your head from the pillow.

The cradle has mesh walls that give you kids utmost breathability. The side walls also ensure you can see your kids even while resting on your bed. Additionally, it enables the twins to see each other and has that togetherness that they yearn for while they maintain their separate sleeping space.

The bassinet has a modern design that permits you to adjust its height from 24-34 inches depending on the height of your bed for maximum convenience and closeness. Also, it is good for small spaces and it is lightweight and easy to move from one room to another.

Additional Features:

-2 waterproof mattress pads

-2 polyester fitted sheets

-2 cotton fitted sheets (100% cotton)

-Soothing center (3 soothing sounds, lullabies, nightlight, and back-to-bed reminders)

Final Thought

It is the best co sleeper for twins by all standards but it is a bit pricey compared to the other bassinets.

3. JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center 

Joovy Nursery Center for twins is another perfect choice that has generous space for your kid. It holds twins measuring 15 lbs each or a total of 30 lbs.

It is easy to install and you will require a few minutes to fix it. The co sleeper has a detachable center divider that offers each baby a separate napping area. Additionally, the bassinet comes with a changing table that holds a baby up to 25 lbs.

The surface of this unit can be removed and its machine washable. When you’re not using the changing table, you can flip it over the side to keep it out of the way.

It is important to note that the co-sleeper does not come with a playard but they sell it separately.

Final Thought

It is a great co sleeper especially when you are on a budget.

Safety Measures while using a Bassinet

‣ Pay attention to weight limit so that your kid does not risk rolling over

‣ Use bed sheets that fit properly on your bassinet. Avoid placing other fabrics on the bed to avoid your kid being entangled in the extra cloth.

‣ Pay attention to the sides of the bed to ensure that there are no spaces where your kid can insert their head or legs and get caught in one.

‣ Ensure the mattress used is sturdy and compact

‣ If a bassinet has wheels, ensure that they are locked. Also, the rocking feature should be locked.

Factors to check when buying Best Bassinet for Twins

✅ Safety

It is important to check on the safety of your bassinet or crib to ensure that your kid is safe and protected. If it has slats, ensure that the slats are close together posing no danger of your kid getting caught in them.

Also, check on the mesh sides to check them for holes so that your baby won’t get caught in one that will endanger their life. It is appropriate to ensure that the best bassinet for twins conforms to the ASTM standards.

✅ Price

A bassinet that costs between $100 and $300 is a good choice for a parent. There is no need of investing a large sum of money for something that you will use for less than six months.

✅ Portability

A lightweight bassinet is easy to move from one room to the other. A cradle with a handle and easiness to carry is will assist you to always have your baby near as you undertake your chores. If you have a baby monitor, you can just monitor them while they are in another room.

✅ Divider

A divider is a great piece in a twin bassinet. It ensures that every baby stays in their space and avoids any chances of harming each other as they turn on the bed.

✅ Additional Features

Buy a bassinet that has extra functionalities such as changing table, toys, and storage space for keeping wipes, diapers, clothes, and other accessories.

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