What you need to know about a convertible crib before buying one

Buyer’s Guide on Best Convertible Crib

A convertible crib is basically a crib that it can be transformed from a baby crib to a toddler bed, a daybed or even into a full-size bed. The best thing about a convertible bed is that your child can use it from infantry stage and throughout his/her toddler-hood.

Why you should consider buying a convertible bed

They are cost effective since you will buy it once and it can last your baby throughout his/her childhood.

This makes it environmentally and economically friendly as it lasts over the years.

Why you can’t purchase one

It is always very expensive compared to other cribs making it something you have to really think about if it is worth buying given its benefits. Ability to convert makes it to be that expensive.

As a parent you may be intending to skip the toddler bed by rather having a bigger kid bed instead therefore there will be no need of buying a convertible bed.

If the space in the room cannot accommodate a full-sized bed then a convertible bed may not be the best option to have.

The conversion options available include:

A day bed-This is done by removing the front rail and leaving the front of the crib open making it best choice for older toddlers although you can still use it as toddler bed. You don’t have to change the mattress and your baby can easily enter or leave the crib. Younger kids can easily fall out of it therefore making it not suitable for them unless a safety rail is installed.

Toddler bed-This is suitable when your baby becomes much more active and outgrows the normal crib. The front rail is removed and replaced with toddler safety rail making it simple. The best thing with the toddler bed is that you don’t have to replace the mattress.

Twin bed-They are often smaller compared to full size cribs. The best thing is that it will last your baby during toddlerhood. Both the front and back panels can be used as the head and footboard and can be secured by using wooden or metal rails .The mattress must be replaced when converting.

Full or double bed-This becomes the best option when your baby is much independent. The front and back panels can be used as the head and footboard. Full bed rails or metal frames are recommended depending on the type of the crib. You will also have to buy a full size mattress when converting.

Features to look for in a convertible crib

Folding options-this is always good if your house has a small space as it will be comfortable when using it.

Stable-the crib should not wobble to avoid falling when your baby is in it. You can shake it to make sure it is stable before buying it. The stands should also be strong for stability.

Smooth sides and corners-if the finishing is smooth then you are assured your baby will not be hurt by it.

Firm mattress-the surface of the mattress should be hard to avoid any suffocation which may occur if it can sink.

Adjustable sides-this allows you to adjust the mattress on the sides making it safe for your baby when playing.

Safety measures to put in place

  • -Make sure that the crib meets the set safety standards for the safety of your baby.
  • -In case you are going for a used crib then make sure to check if there are any recalls that have been made before using it.
  • –The slats should not be big since your baby’s head can be trapped in between and can be trapped hence getting hurt.
  • -Make sure that the corner posts are not much higher to prevent the strangulation or entanglement of your baby.
  • -Make sure that the materials used to make the crib are nontoxic.
  • -For floor model then make sure that it is stable and sturdy before placing the baby in it.
  • -Adjust the sides carefully and check to make sure it is well locked before putting your baby in it.
  • -The height of the mattress should allow you adjust it when your baby can move.
  • -The size of the frame must accommodate the mattress without leaving any gap of more than two fingers between the side crib and the mattress to avoid your baby from being trapped.


Purchasing the best convertible crib for your baby is very crucial for safety reasons. Always make sure it meets the above features before buying it and before putting your baby into it the safety measures provided are very important to consider. There are several reviews available that will guide you in getting the best model that will suit you.

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