Buyer’s Guide: Tips for choosing the best baby bassinet

As a mom, it is always important that your newborn stays close to you especially at night or when doing house chores during the day. It is not advisable to sleep with your baby in the same bed and in this case a newborn bassinet will be perfect. This will give you enough time to figure out perfect space to place a full-size crib. It will also greatly help you in keeping a constant check on your baby and being able to breastfeed him without going to a separate room. When sleeping in a separate bed, you can get to rest enough and only wake up when your baby does. More so, make sure to keep your baby in the same room till 6 months to ensure safer sleep.

Shopping tips for a safer bassinet

✅ Safety standards

Make sure to scrutinize all a bassinet if buying a used one to make sure it is safe for your baby. It should have JPMA or ASTM labels since they passed safety tests. It ensures that a bassinet is durable and stable. The sides must be smooth to avoid trapping your baby’s clothes, and the space of side slats must be small to avoid your baby from falling.

✅ Age and weight limits

Depending on the manufacturer, most bassinets have an age limit of between 4 to 6 months. When it comes to weight, it often has a limit of 15 or 20 pounds. Most babies may outgrow their bassinets even before attaining the maximum weight since there are other features. It is important to check on instructions on weight and when to stop using it.

✅ Portability

Bassinets often are small in size and weight, thus, easy to carry around making it easy working around the house with your baby beside you. Buying one with sturdy wheels is awesome as it is easy to move around.

✅ Wheels

A bassinet with wheels is the best to allow you to move it around easily. The wheels must also be able to lock in order to prevent older kids from moving it around when playing for the safety of your baby.

✅ Storage

A good bassinet must be stored especially when traveling. It must disassemble fast and fold for storage. Make sure to test its latch system if the bassinet folds by checking the legs and where it attaches to the legs to make sure the latches are solid. Always assemble it properly to avoid any accidents.

✅ Rocking bassinet

Such a bassinet often looks nice but may pose many hazards. When your baby starts to move or roll, then it may tilt because on the side will have more weight hence your baby being trapped on the side. Your baby may suffocate if his face is trapped to one side. If you are going for one with rocking feature then ensure that it is able to lock for your baby’s safety.

✅ Mattress support

A strong mattress support is very important to make sure it holds your baby and does not bend. The supports should be able to hold up the whole mattress. Press the edges and midsection to see if it dips and if it does then it is not good for a baby because he might suffocate.

✅ Firm mattress

A mattress with a firm surface is important since a lightly padded mattress causes your baby’s face to sink in and may cause suffocation. Make sure the mattress fits snugly in the bassinet leaving no gaps between the sides and edge of the mattress. You can use any soft cloth outside the bassinet but not where the baby lies to prevent suffocation.

✅ Bedding

A fitting sheet is deemed to be perfect for your baby’s bassinet. Since these sheets are hard to find if you buy an extra piece make sure they are removable so that you can wash if it gets messy. If it does not have a waterproof cover then you should consider if the whole of it can be washed. Avoid adding pillows or extra pads to avoid suffocation and for a safer sleeping space.

✅ Bassinet limit

There comes a time when you have to consider purchasing a crib for your baby because the bassinet may no longer be able to hold your baby. Age and weight limits are often given by many manufacturers. However, if your baby starts to roll or sit before the stated age or weight limit, and then consider buying a crib to prevent him from falling.

✅ Purchase of a used bassinet

Buying a used bassinet is always one of the ways of saving money but it can’t be of use if it is not safe enough. Check well to ensure it is safe. It must be sturdy and with no soft spaces or gaps that can trap your baby. Mattress support must be firm to prevent suffocation. Ensure all parts are original but if corrected avoid it. Wooden pieces must be stored in a cool place to prevent warping.

✅ Styles

Once you have considered safety, you can then deal with fashion. Bassinets often come in various styles; therefore, pick one that meets your taste and preference. Some have baby themes and some different fabrics you may like. For those that are expecting twins, you can read on the best twins’ bassinet here.

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