Top 10 Best Skateboards Brands for Beginners (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Are you planning to start skating for the first time ever or are you a parent who wants to introduce your kid to skating? This article is for you!

Skateboarding is an adrenaline junkie sport that can be thrilling and at the same time risky. Selecting the best skateboard brand or Skateboard helmet is essential for the safety of the rider. Thus, you are advised to be keen when choosing your best beginners skateboard to make sure you ride safely.

However, you do not have to worry on how you are going to pick the top skateboard brands for beginners that will suit you as we have done comprehensive testing of different brands for five years and we know exactly what is best for you.

We understand that as a beginner it may be a hard choice for you when picking a skateboard since you don’t know you’re riding styles or capability yet. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because this article will help you pick the best skateboard brands as a beginner.  Before that, let’s check on why skateboarding is a fine sport.

Table of 10 Top-rated Skateboard for Beginners

Preview Product Rating Price
POSITIV Complete Skateboard Best beginners skateboard for streets
MINORITY Skateboard Best beginners skateboard for adults
Quest Longboard Skateboard Best longboard skateboard for beginners
Penny Complete Skateboard Best beginners skateboard for school use
Powell Dragon Skateboard best beginners skateboard under $100
Skate XS Kids Skateboard best kids beginners skateboard
Krown KRRC-57 Cheap beginners skateboard
Punisher Complete Skateboard best Skateboard for tricks
Landwalker Girls Skateboard Best beginners skateboard for girls
Enjoi Whitey Skateboard Best skateboard for pop up

Why skating is a great sport

  1. No age limit

There is no age restriction hence making it the best activity since kids can even skate. As much as many people may see it as a sport for teens and kids that is not always true since someone in his/her 50’s can still ride a skateboard and have fun.

  1. Teaches valuable life lessons

Skating is not just a game as it also teaches riders life lessons. Kids can be able to accept others who are better than them and can encourage them to put more effort to be better. Riding in parks with experts allows kids to learn new drills to perfect their skating. They can also learn to be in control and be focused on whatever they do.

  1. Creates conversation

As a non-skater, you may find it boring when skaters do talk about board drills and cruising styles. However, once you join skating you will realize that there is a lot of stuff you can always talk about with fellow skaters. Even when you get older you will still have to talk about different styles to other people.

  1. It may lead to creative pursuits

Many artists such as painters and designers explore their potentials by skating since one’s inner talent gets displayed in various ways. Musicians may sing when they cruise the smooth roads with photographers and designers use their skills by capturing moments while skateboarding. Painters often paint their decks beautifully.

  1. Unique styles

While in other sports one has to follow specific rules to perform well that is not the case with skateboarding since a skater can ride in different non-restricting styles. As a skater, you can do anything from cruising to performing different tricks that are convenient for you.

10 Best Skateboard for Beginners

1. Best beginners skateboard for streets: POSITIV Complete Skateboards

Positiv is the #1 choice for beginners. This skateboard is trendy and of high quality. Multiple piles of wood are combined together using a waterproof glue to make a complete set that is durable. This will be the best pick for you if you are a beginner who wants to ride in style.


It comes in three groups which are Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones and Carlos De Andrade. The waterproof glue will help in protecting the board from moisture with a coated bottom with SST slide treatment to increase the length at which you slide. It also features Mini-Logo bearings and POSITIVE trucks.

What we loved

😃 It is Sturdy and durable

😃 Provides smooth ride

😃 High quality

What we did not like

☹ It has heavy trucks and deck

2. Best beginners skateboard for adults: MINORITY 32inch 

This skateboard is aesthetic and is of good quality. The cost of the complete skateboard is cheap and you will get it at less than $40.

It is the best choice if you want to ride in ramps, streets or pools since your ride will be smooth. Also, it comes in several designs and many colors and you will have the preference as a rider.

It is made with 7 -ply hard rock maple and it is a solid construction that is durable and will last for long. The skateboard can accommodate a weight of up to 220 lbs. If you want to perform tricks with ease then MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard is the best pick since it has a mediate concave design.

Its trucks are 5-inch long and are made of aluminum alloy that makes it strong and durable. It has ABEC-9 bearings made of steel with 52mm 102A PU wheels. The 78A high rebound PU bushing and carbon steel kingpin make it stronger.

What we loved

😃 Provides a smooth ride

😃 Better balance

😃 Durable and sturdy

What we did not like

☹ Not flexible

3. Best longboard skateboard for beginners: Quest Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

The Quest Super Cruiser brand is aesthetic as it is made of multi-ply Hardwood maple while the deck made of bamboo. The best longboard measures  44″ in size and that makes it a perfect pick for beginners.


It has ABEC 7 bearings, Hardwood maple Deck, 7 ply super-flex bamboo and a 7-inch aluminum trucks. It uses the latest technology as it features modern innovation hence high performance.

What we loved

😃 Its larger wheels provide a smooth ride

😃 Perfect and better balance

😃 Stable

😃 Has a good turning radius

What we did not like

☹ It can be wobbly

4. Best beginners skateboard for school use: Penny Classic Skateboard

It is complete and features a classic design which comes from 1970s boards. It is a replica of a retro era skateboard. It is small in size therefore suitable for cruising and it is easy to use as it also provides a smooth ride. It is lightweight hence portable and is able to handle heavy weight. A genuine Penny Classic Complete Skateboard is the best choice since it enables you to learn your skills faster and with ease.

What we loved

😃 It is portable since it is light in weight

😃 Provides a smooth ride

😃 Aesthetic since it comes in different colors

😃 It is sturdy and durable

What we did not like

☹ Not suitable if you intend to perform tricks while riding

5. Best beginners skateboard under $100: Powell Flying Dragon

The Powell brand has been there since 1970 and it has a board that which fits every age and skill level. Its design is original and eccentric with its board covered with the black and red dragon which brings excitement while skating. It also provides maximum riding for an amateur and a pro. It features high rebound and hand cast polyurethane wheels to provide best grip and roll while riding. Its board is 7.625 wide and 31.625 long therefore ensuring an ample grip and stability to the beginner while riding. Its bottom is colorful screen-printed allowing you to ride in style.

The ligament and robust polymeric strap featured in the deck is strong therefore it can be able to hold it in case it breaks. The deck is 7-ply and provides stiffness and is durable.


-The wheels are smooth therefore making gliding more aggressive and fast. It is suitable for people who weigh up to 200 pounds.

-It features robust polymeric straps that make the deck strong and can be able to hold the deck if in case it breaks and allow you to get out of it safely.

What we loved

😃 It offers a smooth ride and allows you to control gliding

😃 High quality and low price

😃 It is stable and sturdy

😃 It has smooth wheels that roll perfectly

What we did not like

☹ It might be too fast for a beginner

☹ The truck bushings are soft therefore the board leans easily

6. Best beginners skateboard for Kids: SkateXS Beginner Panda Complete Board for Kids

Are you a parent who has a kid who wants to advance his skills so bad? SkateXS Beginner Panda Complete Board is the best brand to pick because children were considered during designing.

It comes with multiple customizable features that make it the best. For an avid skateboarder who is intending to introduce his/her kids to skating or a parent who have just heard about skating then SkateXs will be the best because your kid can ride safely and at the same time advance his skills.

Although most are meant for kids, it also makes high-quality skateboards suitable for adults. Most kids are satisfied with the product hence making it the best. Its design is child-friendly since it features a panda cover and different 8 colors that make it easy when you have more than one child.

It is available in three sizes best for kids between 5-7,8-10 and 11-12 years. It is also eco-friendly and very sturdy. It is made of bamboo that makes it light and portable. It seems to be expensive but worth it if you care about your child’s safety.


-The skateboard often comes with many color choices that will allow you to put your child’s name on it.

-Its grip tape is perfect with a board that is of high quality that makes it perfect for both kids and adults.

What we loved

😃 It has removable shields

😃 It has a light bamboo deck

😃 Comprises 8 colors

😃 Has a premium grip tape

What we did not like

☹ The wheels are too soft

7. Cheap beginners skateboard: Krown Rookie Checker

These skateboards have been produced since the 1990s and have since then been creating quality skateboards that are budget friendly. It cost under $30 to get this complete skateboard.

For any beginner who hopes to try extreme sports then Krown Rookie Checker is the best pick for you. Krown also evolved to sell pads, longboards and helmets for many years now.

Its diversity makes Krown a reliable brand and the most popular product. Riders are able to ride sturdily and its craftsmanship is also durable hence making it a great choice. It comes in 7 checkered colors making it the best pick if you want a skateboard that looks well. It is well-sized, lightweight and narrow therefore becomes the best pick if you want to cruise.


-It features a modern concave design that enables it to pop more hence perfect skateboard if you want to learn skateboarding tricks.

-It is made from heavy-duty aluminum and 80 skateboard grip tape that ensures that you skate safely without having to worry about its durability.

What we loved

😃 It is narrow and lightweight

😃 It is budget friendly

😃 It comes in 7 colors

😃 It has a modern concave design

What we did not like

☹ Its truck design makes turning difficult

8. Best Skateboard for tricks: Punisher Cherry Blossom 

This skateboard is the best since its deck is of high quality, durable and also comes with a friendly price making it the best pick for a beginner. Punisher Complete Board will cost you under $50.

It is one of the best brands to go with if you are intending to start skateboarding. Its design is heavy-duty therefore giving you the best features a skateboard should have.

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Board is the best pick if you want to ride safely and develop riding skills then you do not have to look for another skateboard because this will be ideal for you.

The patterns and designs on it are custom painted and are applied directly to the wood which will not fall off. Its size is ideal for kids who are over 8 years and adults. It can also be able to support a weight of 220 pounds.


-The grip tape is durable hence the best pick if you want to improve your riding skills and tricks since it has a traction that will enable you to have control while cruising.

What we loved

😃 It is custom painted

😃 It can handle up to 220 pounds

😃 Quality grip tape

😃 Ideal for kids and adults

What we did not like

☹ You may have to replace the bearings regularly

☹ Heavy as it weighs 6 pounds

9. Best beginners skateboard for girls: Landwalker Pro Cruiser 

Are you a beginner in skateboarding who is looking for a new and budget-friendly skateboard? Then do not worry anymore because Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard is ideal for you. It is the cheapest skateboard I Know and will give you high performance and sufficient endurance. The high-density wood makes it the perfect skateboard since when you fall the skateboard will never break.

Landwalker skateboards are often sturdy, affordable and cannot break easily, therefore, making them the best pick. The skateboard has a witty, rainbow-checkered design making it the best choice if you want a skateboard that will show off your personality. It also has a green cover and a panda design you can use as an alternative.

It weighs 5 pounds and it is made of heavy-duty Canadian maple which makes the board be the most durable. The reason for crafting it with 8 layer system is to make sure that its density cannot break.


It features a concave design which allows you to gather more speed, make tricks and kicks easier and manage it well. Your feet will be positioned well helping you have a proper posture hence developing good riding habits.

What we loved

😃 Made from heavy-duty wood

😃 Perfect for kids and adults

😃 Has a concave design

😃 Witty cover pattern

😃 Has a 1-year warranty

What we did like

☹ Some have their skateboard wheel too soft

10. Best skateboard for pop up: ENJOI WHITEY PANDA

This skateboard was founded by Marc Johnson a pro skateboarder in 2000. Since then it has greatly expanded by producing other skateboarding accessories and clothing. If you are a beginner who is looking for a reliable skateboard that can resist any wear and tear then this will be the ideal brand for you. It has solid metal trucks that will keep you sturdy and safe while riding and giving you confidence.


-It has a solid, metal skateboard trucks that make sure that you remain sturdy and safe while riding. This also gives you the confidence to perform tricks anywhere.

-It is made of Canadian maple hence having a solid construction with special resin glue which holds it perfectly making it durable and sturdier.

-The skateboard’s trucks core is lightweight than other skateboards which makes it the best pick. The initial design makes it light and easy to pivot.

-It comes un-assembled making it ideal for if you want to put it together and customize it to your heart’s desire.

What we loved

😃 Lightweight making it easy to carry around

😃 Concave skateboard deck

😃 Canadian Maple Skateboard that makes it durable

😃 It is easy to assemble

😃 Custom skateboard

What we did not like

☹ It comes unassembled

Also, check on the best skateboard brands for professionals

Choosing the deck

This is the most crucial part of the skateboard that you should always consider because it supports your body while riding. Plastic skateboards are recommended to help you to learn skating easily but once you have learned then you can buy the slimmer board that has a better surface.

A wider deck provides a good balance but restricts you if you want to perform tricks. They are always made with carbon, fiberglass or plastic. For a cheaper skateboard then pick one made with plastic but of good quality then the others will do even though they are expensive.

Deck size

The width of the deck is always measured and is considered to be important than its length. The size to go with will depend on your shoe size, height and skating style. For a beginner, skateboard decks often come in four sizes to help you pick one that will best suit you.

Four Deck Sizes!

☑ Full size-it measures 7.5″ and above making it best pick for skaters who are above 13 years and have a height above 5’3 and shoe size above 9.

☑ Mid-size is 7.3″ which makes it good for those who are between 9-12 years and are 4’5″ to 5’2″ tall and a shoe size that is 7-8.

☑ Mini size-this is deck 7.0″ that is best for kids who age between 6 to 8, are 3’5″ to 4’4″ tall with a shoe size from 4-6.

☑ Micro size-deck 6.5″ to 6.75″ therefore suitable for kids who are 5 years and below and are 3’4″ tall and have a shoe size 3 and below.

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