Factors to check when Purchasing your first Skateboard: Buyer’s Guide

Most people love skateboarding since it is fun and connects one to the world of friends. You will find a skateboard in a majority of the American family. Research also shows that 1 out of 3 people in America have tried skateboarding once in their lifetime. The skateboard you will start with will have a big difference in your skateboarding journey. Make sure to get the best skateboard for a great experience and make you a pro full of skating skills with fewer stumbles and pain. The board must meet your preference, be portable and safe. If you’re a beginner, read a comprehensive review of 10 best beginners skateboard. If you’re an experienced skateboarder, these are the top rated skateboard brands for you.

Buyer’s Guide: Factor’s to consider when buying a beginners skateboard

First, before buying a skateboard, you should consider whether you want one for cruising or one that can be used for cruising and performing tricks. For cruising, a longboard will be best for you while a skateboard will be perfect for both cruising and performing tricks. Once you have decided what you will buy, it is crucial to consider things below.

☑ Type of board

⁃ Shortboards-this is perfect for cruising and doing tricks such as kickflips, ollies, aerials, flip tricks and more. They are ideal for riding in smooth surfaces and not for terrains.

⁃ Longboards- they’re perfect for balancing tricks, downhill, and long distance. They are huge with unique shape and design to enable you to drive and increase the speed with your weight without touching the surface. One with hard wheels is perfect to enable you to cruise in any kind of terrain.

⁃ Cruiser- The cruiser boards usually have kicktails that are more designed for cruising around. The decks of the cruiser skateboard are usually mid-length. The cruisers are multipurpose and maneuverable, making them perfect for cruising the streets.

⁃ Old School- The old school boards have kicktails and a flat nose. They are normally asymmetrical and have a wider nose. They’re usually preferred choice for ramps, skating pools, or carving the streets.

☑ Deck quality

A deck is an important thing in a skateboard since it gives you the support your body needs and the grip and balance for you have a smooth ride. It must be of good quality. As a beginner, a plastic skateboard will be the best to enable you to get the skills and learn faster. When you become a pro, a slimmer board will be perfect.

☑ Deck size

For better balance, choose a wider deck especially if you are a beginner. This may not allow you to perform tricks unlike one with a slimmer deck. Your height, skating styles, shoe size, and preference will determine the size of deck you will choose.

☑ Price

Your budget determines the kind of brand you will pick. Make sure that it doesn’t drain your account. Complete skateboard may range from $65 while longboard may be a bit expensive costing from $100.

Final Thought

For a beginner, it takes a lot of time to figure out the best skateboard that will best suit you. There are skateboards specifically designed for training as a beginner. Availability of many brands makes it hard to choose one but worry no more because if you check the following factors, it will be easy to find one that will be perfect for you. A longboard will be ideal for you if you are a beginner because then you will be learning on how to skate and not performing tricks yet. Once you have mastered skating, you can purchase a skateboard to enable you to perform tricks and cruise at the same time. Also, always ensure that you wear a skateboard helmets when you’re cruising to avoid head injury in case of an accident.

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