What you should know before buying your first skateboard

It is always overwhelming when going out to buy your first skateboard because of many beginners skateboard brands in the market. We have therefore outlined what to guide you to be able to find your perfect skateboard with ease. There are crucial features to look for in order to have the best skateboard to start out. It is also very important to put on protective gears as a beginner to ensure you are always safe.

Important features to consider in a skateboard

☑ Style

It is important to put into consideration what to use the skateboard for. Skateboards differ in size and shape to fit different terrains or tricks. A skateboard meant to be just ridden in the streets and one for performing kickflips is very different. A wide cruise board with soft wheels is ideal for skating in town streets while one with a classic shape

☑ Size

The size of the board is also important. Size of the board to choose will be determined by your shoe size, height, and age. For kids, a size up will be good because they grow up fast.

☑ Parts

It is important to understand other important parts once you have settled on which size and style to go with. Buying it from the local shop may be easy unlike when ordering it online. Due to that reason, we have outlined important parts to consider:

✅ Grip tape – this is sandpaper on top of the skateboard to help give you traction of doing tricks and preventing your feet from slipping. The designs and colors vary but a black one is always durable and grippy.

✅ Deck – This is the wooden part. Most of them are made of maple wood and comprises seven plys which are glued and pressed with the tail, concave and nose to give it a shape. 7 plys makes it stiff and rigid, thus, ideal for performing tricks.

✅ Trucks – they hold the wheels onto the skateboard and used for turning and grinding. Pick one with metal trucks to make sure it lasts for long.

✅ Bushings – These are rubber pieces found inside the trucks and determine how your skateboard will turn. They vary in sizes and hardness and softness. A hard bushing makes it stable and less turning while a soft one enables you turns easily. Soft ones are lightweight, therefore, perfect for kids.

✅ Wheels – they are made of rubber material to be able to absorb vibrations and be able to roll on pebbles. Don’t purchase one with a plastic wheel as they break easily and cannot absorb vibrations. A harder wheel is ideal for smooth and hard surfaces while soft wheels are perfect for rough surfaces. A big wheel makes you go faster while a small one makes you go slower but be able to do tricks easily because it is lightweight.

✅ Hardware – The nut and bolts are important hardware of a skateboard. Make sure they will be durable and can withstand skateboarding in different terrains. Allen hardware is perceived to be durable and best.

✅ Bearing – They are important as they enable the wheels to turn around easily. They are cheaper, thus, easy to replace if they break. They vary in quality, ton and price. Good bearings are ones that are more affordable.

✅ Safety gear – It is important to put on safety gears such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and others for your safety or your kids.

Please ensure that you always remember to wear a skateboard helmet while skateboarding.

Maintaining a skateboard

Once you have picked your perfect skateboard, it is important to take good care of it for it to last longer. The things you should avoid include:

✅ Getting it wet – this soaks it, thus, making it bend or delaminate. It also destroys bearings making them slow down and have rust.

✅ Dirtifying it – A clean skateboard lasts longer and is easy to ride. Make sure to remove any mud stuck between the wheels, bearings or grip tape to make it possible to perform tricks easily.

✅ Losing it – most skateboards are stolen, therefore, you should put a mark on it to avoid getting stolen.


We hope that this guide will enable you to find the perfect skateboard that will suit your needs. If you put them into consideration, you will never be disappointed since you will have the best experience ever. If you’re an experienced skateboarder, you can read a review of the best skateboard brandson the market.

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