How to clean a Skateboard Grip Tape: Procedure and Benefits of Cleaning the Grip Tape

A grip tape is a sandpaper-like sheet that is grainy with an extremely sticky underside that adheres to the skateboard deck surface to offer traction and grip. Regardless of the type of style that you want to use, you must have a grip tape on your board.

Stepping out with a sticky, clean and sturdy grip tape will give you the best feeling ever and the confidence to cruise in the streets or parks. Your grip tape may be dirty from mud or soil and this may affect your ability to perform tricks with your skateboard. This should not push you to replace it but rather you should clean it which is an easy process.

Cleaning a skateboard (shortboard) grip tape

  1. Remove crud at the surface with a rubber

This rubber is referred to as grip gum and it is perfect in removing dirt from the grip tape. Wipe the grip tape with the rubber firmly to remove all dirt dust or other unwanted particles.

  1. Use the soft wire brush to clean

A soft wire brush will enable you to clean it deeper by scrubbing it in sections so as to remove dirt stuck inside. Use the rubber again in removing dirt on the surface. Use of a toothbrush or window solution is not advisable.

Cleaning a longboard’s grip tape

Longboards often have a thick grip tape allowing you to use water or a window cleaning solution to remove dirt.

  1. Scrub your grip tape

Put water or window solution into a cup and dip a soft wire brush into it before scrubbing with it the grip tape. Brush small parts to make sure you perfectly clean it.

  1. Dry the surface thoroughly

Dry it with a microfiber cloth by laying it on top of your deck while fitting to make it stick. Never wipe it along with your grip tape but rather leave it to sit on the tape for up to 3 hours.

  1. Wipe it with a rubber

Once it is dry, wipe it with a rubber to give it a fresh and clean look.  A damp tape makes it impossible to wipe.

Things used to clean:
  • -Natural rubber
  • -Microfiber cloth
  • -Soft wire brush

Benefits of cleaning your grip tape

  • -It makes it sticky
  • -Keeps it intact and free from damages
  • -Saves you the cost of replacing it
  • -It makes it durable


In case your grip tape becomes worn out or damaged, peels, or becomes slippery, we recommend that you replace it because at this point cleaning it will not be helpful. Upon following the above steps in cleaning your skateboard’s or longboard’s grip tape, it will be sticky, allow you to perform tricks and be durable. If you’re looking for a beginner’s skateboard, read a detailed review here.

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