Buyer’s Guide: Quick tips to buying a car seat for small car

As a parent, the first thing that should come on your mind is the safety of your child. So when going out to purchase a car seat for your kid make sure that the one you pick meets the laid laws and regulation and is comfortable. As soon as you get news of your pregnancy, then make sure when shopping for your child include a car seat. This will greatly help you in carrying your baby home since carrying him is not advisable especially that you have not even fully recovered.

If you follow the tips below, you are assured of the best car seat for your kid.

  1. If you are shopping for a newborn then buy a convertible seat or rear-facing infant seat. A convertible car seat first faces rear and you can turn it later to face the front. This will save you money since your baby can use it from his infant stage to toddler stage. The only disadvantage is that you cannot take out of the car as an infant seat. A lot of parents often prefer infant car seats because they like to use it to carry their kids but if in case you have shopped for a stroller then you can opt for a convertible car seat.
  2. For cost minimization, you can buy a travel system that can be used as both an infant car seat and a stroller. This will suit you if you intend to reduce costs without draining your account.
  3. A safer car seat is the first consideration every parent look at. The car seat brands in the market have however been all tested and also approved as they meet safety standards. Make sure it has a JPMA stamp and avoid buying a used car seat.
  4. If you are looking for a cheaper convertible seat or an infant car seat mostly under 200$ ensure that the model you purchase contains 5 point harness which is 2 shoulder straps, 1 strap that meets in the middle of the legs and 2 waist straps, a side-impact protection i.e an additional air pad or foam on the head side and it should be compatible with LATCH system which involves not using seatbelts when fastening the base.
  5. Premium car seats often cost over 200$ but have extra features which include anti-rebound bar located at the seat’s foot to help in limiting any movement when a crash occurs. There are other extra features that often make a car seat expensive which includes large canopy, cushion fabric and a boot at the feet.
  6. Make sure that the car seat’s straps are adjustable to fit your baby as he grows. Rethreading the straps is something no one ever wants and to avoid this, manufacturers have designed a pull cord that is between the legs or adjustment handles located at the seat’s back.
  7. Most manufacturers incorporate a booklet that is simplified to guide you installs it faster with ease. Once you have installed it you can seek the services of an expert to make sure it is well installed to make sure that your child will be safe.

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