Top 10 Best Infant Car Seat Reviews – 2022

An infant car seat is a seat designed to protect your kid from harm or death in case of a smash or accident. The newborn baby car seats are the first infant car seat that your baby requires during the first year or so. Just like a helmet protects you from death or injury while skating, the infant car seat will protect your kid from harm in case of an accident.

There are numerous infant car seats on the market. However, it is important that you buy the safest infant car seats that will offer you extra safety features such as additional impact protection, leg loads and rebound bars.

Selecting the best infant car seats is an important choice for any parent. You will require a top rated infant car seat that is easy-to-use, safe, and comfy for your little one. This article offers a detailed review of the best baby car seats on the market.

But before that, let’s check on a summary of the best baby car seat for the money.

Table of the 10 Top Rated Baby Car Seats

A parent should understand that some models are well-suited for travel while others are great for twins. There are those that may necessitate the use of an adaptor while other best infant car seats can be used with different strollers. Therefore, it is necessary that a parent get the required information before purchasing a car seat.

You don’t need to worry about the pressure of purchasing the best car seats for infants. This article has done all the hard work for you to bring you a summarized list of top 10 best car seats for small cars. I’m sure by the time you finish reading this piece, you will have gained enough knowledge to help you buy the best infant car seat on the market.

10 Best Top Rated Infant Car Seat for Small Cars

1. Best Overall: Chicco Keyfit 

Chicco car seat is the best car seat for infants as it offers a blend of convenience, value, and safety. Chicco KeyFit 30 is our top overall pick in our baby car seat reviews. It is no. 1 rated infant car seat in America according to numerous online websites.

Out of all the infant car seats in the shops, Chicco KeyFit is the most recommended and popular newborn baby car seat by the neonatal nurses. The good reasons for its recommendation include safety standards, comfort, and personalization. In case you have a kid that has special physical needs; consider giving this infant car seat a try.

The premature baby car seat has an interior that is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for enhanced impact protection to ensure your kid’s safety. Also, safety is enhanced as it comes with a 5-point harness with one-pull lightener that makes modification easier.

It is easy to remove the Chicco infant car seat from the base by using one hand. It has a smooth underside that assists to avoid any damages to your car seat.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 #1 infant car seat in US ☹ Some users found the sunshade tricky to adjust
😃 Comes with an adjustable multi-position canopy
😃 Top protection such as side impact guard
😃 Has a base included
😃 Ergonomically designed carry handle with comfortable grip

The infant car seat is easy to install and use compared to other car seats. They offer great security and your kid will get maximum comfy while you are traveling. They come with a variety of colors and patterns that you can select from. Worth the price!

2. Best Infant Car Seat Head Support: Britax B Safe-35 

The Britax baby car seat is not only a top rated infant car seat, but it is the most comfortable infant car seat on the market.

This American-made premature baby car seat has an integrated system of safety features that keep your kid safe and secure when you’re traveling. The safe cell impact protection that makes the infant car seat ensures that safety is guaranteed beyond federal standard standards.

The newborn baby seat has an impact-absorbing base that compresses so as to lessen the rough force of a crash. Britax is built of a sturdy impact-stabilizing steel frame that gives superior strength where it is needed most or at the connection point to the car.

The Britax B safe will fit kids from 4 to 35 pounds and until they are 35†in height. The seat will provide you with a prolonged service as it is one of the long-lasting infant car seats in terms of height and weight capacities.

I have used the Britax infant seat and I like it because it built to properly-fit your newborn and will provide your kid with safety and comfy while traveling. It is also compatible with for use on an airplane.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Safety Guaranteed (exceeds federal standards) ☹ It is narrow
😃 Compatible with Britax strollers ☹ It’s a bit heavy
😃 Easy to install

Britax Company that manufactures the infant car seats and strollers is considered the number 1 brand for safety technology. The safest infant car seats have a safe set installation and side impact protection that keeps your kid safe whilst traveling. Best option!

3. Cheap Infant Car Seat: Baby Trend Flex-Loc 

If you’re looking for a top baby car seat that is not only top-rated but also the cheapest in this list, then you need to check on Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat.

As we have aforementioned, this is a highly recommended infant car seat for those on a budget. Also, this Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant car seat is easy to install and use while providing your baby with the requisite safety standards.

The newborn baby car seat is made to fit with a head cushion that helps your baby fit better into the infant car seat. Moreover, Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant car seat has an additional large visor that helps to protect your kid from any harm in case of an accident.

The infant car seat has an impact absorbing base. The company builds this infant car seat that uses the SafeCenter latch installation for security and safety installation that uses a click and go system that will enable easy transition from car to a stroller.

The cheap infant car seats have a built-in lock-offs for more safety measures. When tilting back your kid’s seat, the double level pointer aids you to get the perfect incline for your child to ensure that they stay safe.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 It’s cheaper compared to other infant car seat ☹ Car infant seat is heavy
😃 The handle ☹ Hard to get the base tightly latched
😃 Can carry ample weight and height limit ☹ Handle takes lots of energy to move forward or backward
😃 Flexible tether straps for easier latching
😃 Adjustable base and protective features for safety

The car infant seat has received some complaints from some users. However, it has received numerous praises as the #1 brand in safety technology and skills. For the cheap price and guaranteed safety, get yourself this Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant car seat.

4. Best lightweight infant car seat: Evenflo LiteMax 35 

If you’re looking for the lightest infant car seat that will not give you the unnecessary burden of weight whether carrying the seat in your hand or car, buy Evenflo LiteMax.

Evenflo is a perfect choice for carrying your kid even if they are so little. The lightweight infant car seat is purposely designed for even the smallest of kids and can fit kids weighing between 4 pounds and 35 pounds.

This infant carrier car seat is offered in grey and pink color. The carrier has a straight standard handle that is not mostly available in other carriers. Evenflo best affordable infant car seat has a visor that can be pulled over to protect your kid from rain or sun.

The pillows and pads can be detached to enable easy washing and adjusting to your kid’s particular body size. The ability to wash the seat pad either by your hands or a mechanism ensures that your kid can always enjoy a neat and clean seat.

For your kid to have great comfort, this infant car seat is made extra soft with approved textile to ensure your baby enjoys the best feeling.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 It is a lightweight infant car seat ☹ The canopy is quite short to some user
😃 There is a removable pillow ☹ The manufacturing material can be quite noisy
😃 There is an adjustable auto-base
😃 It features a cover or canopy to shield your kid from the sun
😃 It is easy to wash
😃 It entails a stay-in-car base

Evenflo SafeMax does not have an anti-rebound bar. Nonetheless, the premature baby car seat has tons of other valuable features. It is a safe and reliable option that holds kids at a natural angle.

5. Best safest infant car seat: Safest 1st 

Safest 1st OnBoard Infant Car Seat is another fantastic infant car seat that has numerous features that you may want to sample. As the name suggests, this amazing newborn car seat will guarantee the safety of your kid whilst keeping them cozy and comfy.

The infant car seat will offer maximum protection for your baby with its Air Protect Side Impact Technology that sits at the sides of the kid’s shoulder and head like puffy airbags.

Technology surrounds the kid and discharges air to keep away any forces that have the probability to cause side impact that will hurt your baby. It comes with a GCell honeycomb FIX energy absorbing foam that provides extra protection for your baby.

It is easy to install this infant car seat and does not comprise your kid’s comfort. The seat has sufficient room where your kid can place their legs.

The infant car seat has a curved handle that helps to transport the seat if you plan to use it as a tote.

Lastly, the carrier seat can be attached to a Safety 1st stroller for a convenient move from the car to a stroller without the burden of taking your baby from the seat.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Designed to combat side impacts 😃 You cannot wash the car seat with a machine
😃 It is made with nicely padded fabrics 😃 The canopy is not large enough to ensure that your kid is sufficiently covered
😃 Provides enough room for your kid to be comfy
😃 It is portable

The baby car seat reviews for Safest 1st OnBoard Infant Car Seat are mostly positive. It may take you some time to get used to it if you are a first time user. Nonetheless, it has great safety features that will keep your kid protected. Think about getting this system!

6. Best infant car seat under 200: Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 baby car seat is known for style, comfort, and safety. If you’re shopping for an impressive and stylish sleek car seat, then this may be your best choice.

The infant car seat has managed to combine safety with a beautiful design. Maxi Cosi Mico Max baby trends car seat is not only a good looking design but it also offers your kid with comfy.

It is made with an Air Protect Side Impact Protection and a spring back bar to ensure that every ride is safer. Mico Max is made of a self-wicking fabric that is composed of bamboo and other natural fibers deodorize and draw liquids away from your kid skin to ensure that they are comfy when traveling.

It has a ‘Cozi-Dozi’ head pillow that gives extra head and neck that supports newborns.

In case something messy happens to this baby car seat, it will be easy to clean-up. So you won’t have to struggle with a mess done by bottle malfunction and diaper disaster.

The premature infant car seat has an easy-to-remove insert that won’t require harness rethreading and can be washed by hand, dryer, and washing machine.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Base rebound bar shield ☹ A bit uncomfy for some users
😃 It is a lightweight infant car seat
😃 Easy fitting and installation
😃 Machine washable
😃 Secure
😃 Its affordable infant car seat

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max is a quality infant car seat that provides your kid with safety and comfy at an affordable price. We fully endorse buying this infant car seat and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

7. Best infant car seat under $300: CYBEX Aton 2 Child Car Seat

Cybex Aton 2 infant car seat is convenient for city dwellers that make numerous trips to the city. The infant car seat will help you to get in and out of taxis with relatively ease.

The baby car seat is an expansive car seat due to its numerous features and certifications. This seat is made to the highest standard of safety for your kid without compromising on style or comfort.

Despite all the features of the baby infant car seat, it still manages to be among small car seats in the market and it will fit in most of the cars.

It is among lightest infant car seat so as to make traveling easy for you and your kid. This seat will fit without difficulty in CYBEX strollers with an adaptor.

Cybex Aton 2 infant car seat is approved by the FAA to be used in airplanes when traveling on air. In case of any collision, the seat has an absorbing shell and an advanced side impact protection to help keep your kid safe.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Light carrier weight ☹ Its price
😃 Very easy to install ☹ Needs an adapter to fit in the accompanying stroller
😃 Short shell might fit compact cars better than others ☹ The canopy is on the smaller end for infant seat canopies
😃 Side-impact protection system for a safe and comfy ride for smaller kids

Cybex Aton 2 infant car seat is costly compared to other infant car seat. For those people on a budget, it is better to purchase a less costly seat from the list.

8. Best car seat for twins: Graco Snugride35 LX Click Connect 

If you’re looking for an infant car seat that will hold little kids with lower weight, such as preemies or twins, Graco Snugride 35 LX should be your top preference.

It is vital to recognize that the Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat is one of the latest models produced by the Graco car seats. The Graco is a renowned brand in the market and it is a trusted producer of infant products.

Graco Snugride is a lightweight infant car seat, lighter than most of the other seats weighing about 7 pounds. The seat has a handle with an easy grip at the top making it easy for you to transport it from one place to another.

The seat features 15 diverse positions that make it easy to adjust without rethreading. The numerous positions make your kid stay comfortable even if they’re small in size.

It has three crotch buckle positions instead of one or two settings that are common in most infant car seats to support your kid. Further, Graco Snugride has a removable infant head support to hold small kid until they grow. You can remove the headrest to accommodate large kids.

The cushions an canopy of the infant car seat are both machine washable. It is easy for parents to fix this newborn car seat in their vehicles.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 The energy-absorbing ESP foam that protects your kid from any collusion ☹ The canopy doesn’t extend compared to competing brands
😃 Fits infant no matter their size ☹ The latch system hook is really hard to remove making it difficult to switch the base between cars.
😃 Multiple base recline positions
😃 Fair price
😃 Machine washable
😃 It is compatible with different types of strollers

Graco Snugride 35 LX infant car seat provides safety for your kids. The best thing about this infant car seat is that it holds even smaller kids firmly whilst they enjoy a comfy journey. This is a nice baby product to buy.

9. Best Portable infant car seat for taxi: UPPAbaby MESA

UPPAbaby made it to the list of the best infant car seat in the market due to its enhanced features of this elite car seat. It is a popular car seat for the city parents that often use cabs or ride shared services such as Uber.

The taxi friendly car seat is made of a side impact protection that protects your kid in case of an impact. It has a head support that is modifiable to ensure it fits your kid.

The cushioning or fabric used to make the interior of the seat is breathable to ensure that your kid will not experience breathing problems and leads to their discomfort while traveling. You can easily take away the fabric and wash it either by hand or by a machine.

It is a suitable best car seat for infants especially when you have a small vehicle.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Comfortable seat textile that is easily removable and washable ☹ It’s handle seems to be of average durability
😃 EPS foam and side impact for protection ☹ It’s price
😃 It has retractable fastener connectors as well as tension pointers
😃 Easiest baby car seat to install

Though costly, it’s worth every buck.

10. Best Infant Car Seat under $100: Disney Light ‘n Comfy Luxe 

Disney is famously known for cartoons and fairy tales. Immediately someone mentions Disney, what comes into your mind is the Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

The company has advanced from not only producing cartoons but it has ventured into manufacturing baby products such as bed cover, toys, and infant car seats. The company manufactures a Mickey and Minnie Mouse pattern car seat.

The Minnie Mouse model tops the list of baby girl car seats due to its attractive factor, especially for Disney fans. If you’re shopping for baby boy infant car seat, you can buy the Mickey Mouse model. But this particular car seat is recommended for baby girls.

The best affordable Infant Car Seats has exceptional safety attributes that will protect your kid in case of an accident. Also, it is lightweight and this makes it easier to remove from the base and carry it whilst outside your car.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Lightweight making it simple to transport ☹ Handle is clumsily placed making it inconvenient and hard to balance when carrying the kid in your hand
😃 Cheap ☹ Uncomfortable for large kids
😃 Can be used for air travel
😃 Has a side impact protection for safety
😃 Canopy for shielding against the sun

Disney Light ‘n Comfy Luxe Infant Car Seat is ideal for baby girls and not unisex like other models discussed in this list. However, if you’re a concerned parent and you fancy a car seat that is good for your kid, offers safety, and is affordable, then this product is perfect for you.

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