Things to consider buying an Infant Car Seat and methods of anchoring the car seat

There are very many car seat brands in the market which may be very overwhelming if you are a first-time shopper. If you are buying a car seat for a newborn, then an infant car seat will be the best since it is well designed to support and hold small kids more comfortable. A convertible car seat can be used by kids who are at least 3 months old but it is not ideal as an infant seat. The best thing about a convertible car seat is that your kid can use it till his toddlerhood but hard to remove and carry around. In this article, we have outlined the things you should consider when shopping for a car seat to simplify your search and help you make a quick decision. Those factors include:

Buyer’s Guide of an Infant Car seat for a Small Car

  1. Where to install the seat

This will depend on whether you are a parent with a car or an urban parent who may be using taxis.

Urban parent

If you are a  mother who lives in the city and mostly uses a cab, then you should consider buying a car seat that can be installed without a base but rather the seat belt of the taxi. However, in case you will be using a taxi and move around more often then choose one that will turn into a stroller for easy navigation of the streets.

Side or center seat

Whether you will place the car seat at the center by using a seat belt or on the side by using the LATCH system will be the main question. The center is deemed to be the safest place in protecting kids against a crash. A seat belt is most convenient because most cars often lack a LATCH system connectors.

  1. Ease of use

It is very important that you install the base well and getting your baby harnessed in safely. The car seat you buy must be easy to use in that taking your kid out and it must be an easy thing to do.

  1. Installation

The car seat you purchase must be easy to install because even if an expert helps you to install during the first time you may remove it from the car and you should return it back. The expert will not always be there and the only thing to make it simple is to pick one that is easy to install.

  1. Crash test performance

There are various car seats that have been tested on crash and reviews written on them. It will be wise if you checked them out to help you make a comparison in order to make an informed decision. Some of the car seats have been seen to perform better compared to others.

  1. 2-in-1 car seat

It is always crucial that you pick the best car seat for your baby’s safety. As much as a car seat helps you carry your child around so you won’t be tired, there are some that can also act as a stroller. If your baby has attained 9 months then you can use a stroller since it is safer then. For bonding at a younger age, you can use a baby carrier.

  1. Expiration date

The foam that is used for protection in absorbing any impact during a crash often expire and when they do, it is not good to no longer use it but rather have to destroy it. If you intend to use a second-hand car seat, make sure that it has not expired.

  1. Price

Once you have identified what you want in a car seat, knowing the cost is also important. This is because you may love to have a certain brand but can’t afford it. Therefore, make sure that it does not drain your bank.

Methods of anchoring the baby car seat

Use LATCH connectors to install the base – they are located at the right and left the side of rear seat. With this, tightening it is easy and reliable for protection.

Installing it without the base – this mostly applies to parents in urban areas who may use a taxi to travel. It is therefore important to learn how to install it without a base since the car. When traveling on a plane, it is also an important thing to learn.

Installing the base using a seat belt – use the seatbelt to install it at the centre seat. It will be ideal if your car lacks  LATCH system connectors. Placing it at the centre increases protection from injury.


It is overwhelming if you are shopping for a car seat for the first time. However, once you have gone through the above things to consider, it becomes very easy in choosing one that will meet your needs. Most parents often fail to install the car seats properly and if a crash occurs then your baby will be badly injured. In case the already used car seat had in one point been involved in an accident then buy a new one as that may not be safe.

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