Importance of Buying an Infant Car Seats: Why you should buy your kid a car seat

When traveling with your kid whether an infant or a toddler in a car, his safety is paramount. A lot of kids have been reported to die during car accidents all over the world. Parents are therefore advised to take an extra step in making sure that their kids are safe. Buying the best car seat for small cars helps restrain your kids to it so that even when an accident occurs, they will be protected from any injuries.

Some months ago when I was watching the news, I saw a father who talked about his daughter and two grandsons being involved in an accident. The car rolled off the road and it was badly damaged. It was four days later when it was discovered and because of God’s miracle, the two grandsons survived as they remained buckled to their car seats. Unfortunately, the mother did not make it and that made me sad. It is because of this that I will never stop saying to parents how important a car seat can save the lives of their kids if a crash occurs.

A First-time Infant Car Seat buyer?

If you are a new parent, it is very important that you prepare and learn in advance on how to install a car seat to make it easier when your baby is born. Having a car seat enables you to concentrate on driving without worrying about holding your baby or if he is okay. Make sure that you pick the correct car seat and it should be compatible with your car and hold his weight and fit his age.

Importance of an infant car seat

For kids who are below 3 years of age, having a car seat is compulsory when traveling. Parents are also required to use car seats for infants and booster seats for toddlers up to 12 years old. If you will be moving around or planning to go for meetings or occasions, it becomes very hard if you don’t have one since carrying your baby may be tiresome. Your kid may slip or the things you are carrying. With a car seat, you can leave the baby in your car while you go out to pick something.

A car seat helps protect your kids and if you are taking long trips it becomes enjoyable since you can drive with peace of mind or be able to see outside and take pictures if your partner or someone else is driving the car. Car seats have been designed so that kids can perfectly fit and a security system to protect your kid if there is a sideways severe impact. For infants, a safety harness is incorporated to keep them safe. Choosing the right car will increase your driving confidence as you are assured your kids will be safe.

What you should do before and when driving

When traveling with your kids in the car, make sure that you always put on your seatbelt as this will be the best way of them learning from you. Make sure to fasten their belts before starting to drive as this will be an assurance of their safety. The rearview mirror will help you keep checking on them if they remove straps or unbuckle the seat. If you see it removed or unbuckled, make sure to stop the car and put in in place and inform them how important it is to have it buckled or straps on. Rewarding kids for having straps on all the time may be one of the best ways to help them adapt.

Where to put the car seat in the car

For kids below 4 years, it is not advisable they sit in the front. The back seat is always the safest place to put them unless they are occupied then use a booster seat since its seatbelt is more secure. Carrying your baby on the laps is not advisable especially if you have personally put on your seatbelt.

Safety tips for kids

Make sure to tuck in your child in the seat before driving to prevent him from falling. It is also important that his head, arms or legs remain in the car the whole time to avoid accidents from passing cars or structures outsides.

For a kid who barely listens, then use a proof lock door for kids to keep him safe. This gives you control over the doors and your child will not be able to open them. Avoid placing loose item near the kids to prevent any injuries or even them swallowing them.


Chat with your kids if they are bored having seatbelts on as it will be the best way to distract them. Talk about the beautiful things they like and you will be sure they will forget they have seatbelts on within a very short time. Praise them if they do something good and surely this will be like a motivation. Even though you have placed your kid at the back, he will at some point need your attention and you may be forced to stop. Take some toys or books with you to help keep them busy while you drive and it will also be the best way to help them forget about removing straps or unbuckling their seats.

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