Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands Reviews

I am a great lover of this colorful sport called skateboarding. It is an intrepid, bold, and edgy activity and its fun can only be well described by a skateboard lover. Being a bold activity, you’re required to purchase the best skateboarding helmets and other accessories to protect you whilst enjoying the activity.

Three years ago I was on a hunt for the best skateboard on the market. I searched for top skateboard brands but I did not find satisfactory answers to my quest. Good skateboards take more that dope graphics and wooden decks. Also, it takes a genuine passion for the sport and hands-on experience for the skateboarding sport to come up with a list of top rated skateboards.

This article offers you in-depth research that is aimed at giving you information about types of skateboards and skateboarding in general. Even if you’re a looking for the best skateboard brands for beginners, our pick will assist you to get off the ground and it is up to you to take it from there.

Table of 10 Top-Rated Skateboard Brands on the market

Preview Product Rating Price
Element Complete Skateboards Best skateboard decks for street
Bamboo Skateboard Complete Best skateboard decks for pop
Powell Dragon Skateboard – Complete Best skateboard for decks
Vision OG 31″ Skateboard Best skateboard decks for tricks
UC Riverside Elegant Design
SK8mafia Best skateboard for wheels  

Enjoi Whitey Panda Best Skateboard under $100
Positiv Best skateborad for beginners
Penny Complete Skateboard Best skateboard for teens
Moose Complete Skateboard Best skateboard brands under $50

10 Best Skateboards Brand 2018 Reviews


If you’re looking for good quality skateboards, Element brand should top your list. I have been using this unit as my second skateboard after the first skateboard broke down. It has lasted for almost a decade and it has not disappointed me. This is why I recommend it to any skateboard user as it fits the bill as a high-quality skateboard.

Element has the best quality skateboard decks are made with the most avant-garde technology and superior materials for maximum functionality and durability.

The cheap skateboard decks are not only contemporary but it portrays some of the customary skateboard construction that makes the decks more durable than other units in the market.

It has a good stylish design that is alluring and the 7-ply maple wood coatings are well equipped to withstand the harshness of any terrain or environment making it a reliable skateboard. The wheels measures 52mm 99A which is perfect for both park and street skating.

You will be able to carry the subways of the board as they are portable and lightweight. It has a length of 31.25†and width of 7.75â€. The skateboard parts arrive unassembled to permit to give you the chance to customize it to your preference. Skaters love assembling their boards.

What we loved

😃 Affordable

😃 Durable construction with a solid thrift wood coating

😃 Cool graphics

😃 Easy to assemble

😃 Lightweight and easily portable

What we didn’t like

☹ Didn’t find any notable cons

2. Bamboo Skateboards 

If you’re looking for the best cheap skateboard brand that will not break your bank, then Bamboo Skateboards Brand is your choice.

The bamboo best skateboard decks are made of top-notch quality eco-friendly bamboo that enhances its performance and makes it a durable unit. The bamboo construction is stronger and lighter than any other available deck on the market making it suitable for doing tricks. The 6 ply maple wood and bamboo that makes the unit enhances the board sustainability in the street for any skill level.

Bamboo skateboard has a deep concave deck that allows premium control while riding, taking turns, or doing tricks.

The professional skateboard for pop is heavy duty constructed so that the riders can get the most pop while they are skating in style. The profound concave deck helps a rider to have premium control whilst doing tricks or riding. It enables a rider to take hard turns that most of the deck brands cannot handle.

The entire skateboard comes unassembled and entails a free all-in-one blend Y-tool that makes the assembly of your skateboard easy.

 What we loved

😃 Lightweight

😃 Durable

😃 Can be used by both pros and beginners

😃 Bamboo fibers that offer more protection and flexibility

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit costly

3. Powell Golden Dragon 

If you are looking for an affordable complete skateboard for a beginner or an advanced rider, then Powell Golden Dragon should be your choice.

Powell Peralta Company has been producing their brand since the late 1970’s when skateboarding was starting until now that the sport has gained prominence as a sport.

This popular skateboard brand is made of high-quality material. The skateboard does not wear and tear easily and no matter how much you ride it; it will remain in good shape. That is why it is recommended by professional skateboarders such as Steve Caballero.

Powell has a high-rebound and hand-cast polyurethane wheels that offers grip and a great roll. The grippy top board measures 31.625†in length and 7.625†in width. The deck has a colorful screen-printed bottom.

The board utilizes super high rebound polyurethane wheels for a great rolling and gripping. It is concave K-12 shaped. It has powerful screen-printed graphics that is pressed with AirLam which is considered the best Press. You will also enjoy a durable steel axle plus kingpin along the aluminum trucks.

What we loved

😃 Affordable

😃 Durable construction

😃 Sturdy on the road

😃 Concave K-12 that gives good grip

😃 High rebound polyurethane wheels that navigate any terrain

What we didn’t like

☹ Bearings not made of good quality

4. Vision OG 

If you’re looking for good quality skateboards for those with heavyweight, this Vision Skateboard Brand should be your skateboard of choice.

The Vision skateboards brand was established in the 1980’s and it is still available today. They may not look like the original make that existed when the company started but the modifications are perfect for modern day skateboarding.

The skateboard is made of most excellent materials that make this brand last for years. Vision has a 58mm x 36mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel to offer you a smooth ride. The skateboard is heavy-duty aluminum trucks and soft polyurethane bushings that support faster spend and heavyweight.

The high-quality skateboards are only 31†long but it has an extra wide base of 10†width offering a big space for footing. Probably, it is the only brand with the extra wide base making it an ideal choice for those who are having a difficult time trying to maintain their balance. Nonetheless, it can be used by all kind of riders from beginners to pro.

The skateboard is recommended for those skaters aged 8 years and older. The skateboard supports weight up to 220 lbs.

 What we loved

😃 Low concave shape

😃 Extra wide base

😃 High-quality maple wood construction

What we didn’t like

☹ The price

5. UC Riverside 

In case you want a multipurpose unit that can serve you around campus and other favorite skate spots, ZtuntZ Skateboards will serve you well and help you to enjoy the sport.

The skateboard deck measures 8.25†in width and 32†in length. The resourceful deck is made of high quality and pride. UC Riverside skateboard can be used in bowls and parks but it is usually effective in the street.

The all-around deck is made up of pride and quality. It can be used in parks and bowls but particularly if you’re a frequent street rider. It is versatile and can be used in the pool, street, vert, and perk. It is constructed with a 7-ply hard rock maple lamination and aerial slat.

All the materials used in the construction of the board are exclusively designed by Skateboarders Performance Deck.

What we loved

😃 Durable construction

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit heavy

6. Sk8mafia 


If you’re looking for the best beginners skateboard, you need to try this popular skateboard. Sk8mafia helps to enhance your skateboarding skills when you’re in the deck. You can use it in the street, park, or the pool.

The skateboard brand will assist you to improve on your skills as it won’t chip or wear out easily even if you put more hours on training lasting for many years. The skateboard deck has a solid construction that is made of high-quality materials and has unique graphics.

The skateboard deck is made of 7-ply maple wood that guarantees it against any form of manufacturing shortcomings. The deck width is 8.0 inches and has a concave kick in. Sk8mafia has a CCS 139mm trucks, CCS 52mm wheels, and CCS blue steel bearings.

The board comes with a single color option and does not allow you to enjoy the diverse taste. However, you will still enjoy the performance it brings along with a grippy sensation on the go.

What we loved

😃 Sk8 mafia logo

😃 Simple and sleek design

😃 Sturdy construction

What we liked

☹ The deck comes with a single color option

7. Enjoi Whitey Panda 

If you’re looking for skateboard brands for kids who are aged 6-8 years, buy yourself this Enjoi Whitey Complete Skateboard.

The skateboard introduces your kids to the world of skateboarding. The skateboard is pre-assembled in the factory and you will skate right away when it is out of the box.

Enjoi measures 6.75†wide and 27†long. It is an attractive and sturdy deck that makes it attractive. It has a great logo on the bottom and has an eye-catching design that attracts those people with a love for great designs.

No matter how fast you ride or whatever terrain you choose to enjoy the sport, the skateboard will give you stability and grip.

What we loved

😃 The eye-catching design

😃 Preassembled in the factory

😃 Good for kids

😃 Durable and stable

What we didn’t like

☹ The graphics fade with time


If you’re looking for the best skateboard brand on the market for girls, I would suggest that you try this Zion Real Skateboards.

The skateboard has a purple color that is attractive for women. The unit is made by the Deluxe Distribution that is highly celebrated in the skating world. It is efficient for cruising and it can be used by both beginners and experienced skaters.

Zion measures 8.06†x 31.08†a great gauge that offers a wonderful experience when skating. It has modish graphics that look great when you’re riding on the skate. The complete deck comes fitted with Enuff Abec 7 sealed black shield bearing and Enuff Pro Trucks.

It is made of 7 ply premium Canadian maple. The length and the width of this longboard make it ideal for all skill levels. It will serve a pro who loves speeding downhill or a beginner who is eager to enhance his skills.

What we loved

😃 Sturdy and durable construction

😃 Superb graphics

😃 The grip tape

😃 Made to serve all skill levels

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit costly

9. Penny Graphic Skateboard

Penny Graphic is an awesome design for those girls and boys who love great graphics skateboards. Penny is available in either size 22†or 27†and can be used by all ages.

The Penny Graphic Skateboard created by the former skateboard pro, Ben Mackay, has revolutionized the sport through the production of short cruiser board from plastic material has become an enormous hit for both adults and kids.

The small design of the skateboard deck makes it easy for you to move from any direction you need to go in style. You can surf or go to the school with the skateboard with ease. Once in school, the small design allows you to put it in your backpack or locker.

What we loved

😃 Sturdy and durable

😃 Small and solid design

😃 Easy to ride on all terrains

😃 Offers steady and smooth rides

What we didn’t like

☹ Paint at the bottom of the skateboard may chip off

10. Moose Beats Skateboard

If you’re looking for the best skateboard decks for the street that offers you the best balance and stability while on the action, then this is your preferred choice.

The Moose Deck skateboard is a beautiful piece that will offer you an instant feel of stability while performing your tricks. It is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood that is super-durable. The board measures 31 inches long and this ensures more balance.

The deck is U-concave shaped to ensure more stability no matter your speed. The tail and nose of this board are steeply made to ensure there is a good pop making it an ideal choice for cruising and performing other tricks.

If you have just started out with your skating skills, the board provides the best available option for you in the market. The unit is highly affordable if you’re on a budget and it can only be ordered in a set of 5 decks.

What we loved

😃 Easily customizable

😃 Highly durable and stable

😃 Ideal for beginners to enhance their skills

What we didn’t like

☹ Graphics chips easily

Quick Tips when buying a Skateboard

Your skating style determines the decks that you should buy. Decks can either be long or shortboard. The long-board is particularly appropriate for those rides that entail big and broad turns. For swifter agility, the short-board is more appropriate as it aids you in carving out short turns and commuting through the city among the crowds.

Your skating style determines the decks that you should buy

✅ For those who like skateboard tricks and street skating – select a deck that is 7.5 inches to 8 inches deck

✅ If you’re the person who likes skating in parks or on ramps – select a deck that is 8.3 inches an above

✅ If you like cruising or vert skating – select a deck that is 8.3 inches and above

Buyer’s Guide for Best Skateboard Brands

The aim of this article is to offer a guide on how to purchase the best skateboard on the market that will serve you well. Whether you’re buying it for the first time for your kid or yourself, this guide will provide you with the basic guidelines to check before buying the best skateboard.

☑The Size

Good skateboard brands have a standard recommendation size of 7.5†wide and its length should be in between 28â€-32â€. The most vital factor to check on when purchasing a skateboard is the width of the board as it helps to maintain your comfort and stability while riding.

☑Deck Shape

The shape of the deck is very crucial as it will help you to have an ideal foot placement, speed, and perfect turning capability. Popsicle shape deck is one of the popular skateboard shapes that many skateboarders select. Other types of deck shape include boards with tapered noses that come to a point, squared tails and noses, and fishtails that taper in and bow out.


The best skateboard decks should have a wheelbase that ensures you’re stable and have a better skating experience generally. The recommended size to pick up is that with a larger wheel that has a 55+mm diameter and a medium hardness. It is advisable that if you’re a beginner, you should focus on being stable on the board rather than trying out diverse tricks.

☑The Trucks

To have a complete skateboards experience, you need to have the best set of trucks for your new skateboard. Having the best trucks will offer you the best overall skating experience. The wider trucks can slow down your skating speed and a smaller one can make it swift and light that can make you lose balance. A medium size is recommended together with hardened wheels to bring the best experience.

☑Fixings and Setting up

The process of fixing and setting up your skateboard is crucial. Your focus should be geared at ensuring that all the nuts, screws, and bolts are well regulated and the right set of bearings is fixed to facilitate swift moving while on the road.

🗸 Full-Size Decks (deck width measures 7.5†or larger) – Perfect for skaters over the age of 13, a shoe size of 9 or up, and taller than 5.3â€.

🗸 Mid Size (deck width measures 7.3â€) – Perfect for people aged 9 to 12 years old and between 4.5†– 5.2†tall. Ideal for those wearing shoe size 7-8

🗸 Mini (deck width: 7.0â€) – ideal for kids aged 6 to 8 years and between 3.5†and 4.4†tall with a shoe size of 4-6

🗸 Micro (deck width: 6.5†to 6.75â€). Perfect for kids who are 5 years or younger and are under 3.4†tall and wear a shoe size of 3 or smaller.

You can also read a comprehensive review of the best skateboard brands for beginners here.

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