Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets: Reviews

Are you a skateboard lover or an adrenaline junkie? Do you enjoy activities such as skating, mountain climbing or any other sport that may need you to protect your head with a helmet so that you do not get a head injury? Then this article is for you.

First, I am a skateboarding enthusiast and I love this sport. Two years ago I remember going out one afternoon with my friends to skate without my helmet since I was too lazy to pick it up. As a pro, the thought of falling was something I never thought it could ever happen to me. I remember my skateboard plunging into this small hole on the skating path leaving me thrown many meters away from the spot but lucky for me I was not badly injured. The pain I went through due to my head being injured is still fresh and that made me decide to address the importance of having your helmet on every time you skate to avoid such situation happening to you.

Back to the topic, skateboarding is a popular and fun activity that both kids, youths, and adults participate in. Skating keeps people thrilled and entertained. If you are a beginner, you will experience the sweetness and if you are a pro, you already know what am talking about.

Nonetheless, the skateboard tricks and fun while riding can result in grave head injuries or death if you do not wear a high-quality helmet. A skateboard rider should wear a sturdy helmet can ensure he/she is protected from such injuries.

Thus, it is advisable that you should always wear a helmet before engaging in skating or skateboarding sports. As a parent, you should always ensure that your kid wears a helmet before engaging in any risk-prone sport. Also, ensure that you purchase the best skateboard brands on the market to have a great experience.

Always choose a helmet that is comfortable, durable, and designed to offer you maximum protection. It is also beneficial if the user can purchase a versatile helmet that can be used in different outdoor activities such as long-boarding, biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading.

Seeing the need of keeping you safe and protected, we have decided to review 10 top-rated skateboarding helmets that will ensure that you are safe while engaging in the sport. But before you read the full review, kindly check on this comparison table of the 10 best skateboarding helmets.

Pick Product Rating Price
JBM Skateboard Helmet Best Overall
NutCase Helmet for Adults Trendy Design
Pro-Tech Classic Skate Helmet Best for the Budget (Cheap)
Razor V-17 Additional features (come with a knee and elbow pad set)
FlyBar Most comfortable
Tripple Eight Durable
Punisher Best for youths and kids
Critical Cycles Multipurpose
TSG Pass Helmet Maximum protection
Bern Unlimited Watts Best low cut helmet
You can use the helmet for any of the following sport mentioned here.
The helmets can be used in the following sports:
‣ Skateboard
‣ Cycling and Bicycle
‣ Scooter
‣ Skating
‣ Skateboarding
‣ Inner & Roller Skate
‣ Two wheel electric board
‣ BMX Biking
‣ Electric Self-balancing board
‣ Mountain
‣ Other indoor and outdoor sports that requires impact protection gear


To assist you to purchase the best skate helmets, we have identified 10 top-rated or sought-after scooter and best skateboard helmets in 2018.

10 Best Skateboard Helmets for 2018

1. JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM helmets are the best skateboard on the market and it will only cost you under $25 to own this perfect helmet. It is an ideal skateboard accessory that both skating professionals and beginners should own. For safety purpose, it is CPSC and ASTM-accredited.

If you happen to have owned a helmet that did not protect you, then you have just found your preferred savior. The skate helmets have an effect-resistance plastic shell that has a soft inner liner that ensures full protection of the users. Even if you bang your head on a lamppost or a pillar at a high speed, the plastic shell lowers the risk of traumatic damage.

If you are also looking for a cheap helmet, then this will work out for your pocket. The JBM skate helmets are cost effective and you do not have to spend a fortune to get the much-needed protection.

While using the JBM skateboard, you will experience enough circulation of air as it has great ventilation that makes users cool as possible outdoors. You won’t hear complains about skate helmets that make people sweat and overheat during summertime when using JBM skateboarding.

It is important to note that high temperatures can cause misconception and increase the risk of making an accident.

Lastly, the skateboarding helmets have three sizes to select from variation. All the helmets have an adjustable strap and a side buckle that can be adjusted when you are feeling too loose or too tight so that you can wear it comfortably.

Pros Cons
😃 CPSC and ASTM safety certified ☹ Ill-fitting Sizes
😃 Cool and breathable form
😃 Durable multi-sport design
😃 Impact Resistance plastic
😃 Ventilation channels

Suitable Users


Our Conclusion

Skate helmets come in a variety such as a toddler skate helmet, youths, and adults. It comes in all sizes and shapes and can be used for multi-sport activities. It is impact resistant and will offer you maximum protection. The ABS plastic is durable and not like some low-grade helmets that chip easily. It is comfortable to wear.

2. Nutcase 

If you want to look for a helmet for an adult that is good when you are riding your bike or skateboarding, Nutcase helmet is the best choice for you.

Nutcase Skate helmets are not only convenient for the users but it has a stylish design that matches your needs. The helmet with considerate features, show-stopping graphics, our signature magnetic buckle, and dual-certification for both skate bike.

The helmet is lightweight, sturdy, and has a modifiable design that you can modify easily. It has three sets of pads that maximizes the comfort of the users. The pads measuring 9 mm, 6mm, and 3mm that can be removed and swapped easily.

Nutcase can be won by both kids and adults. They have magnetic buckles and a sumptuous chin pad that hold the helmet well so that it can offer the much-needed protection.

This helmet will protect you when engaging in both indoors and outdoors sports. Are you looking for a helmet that does not shatter on impact? Then nutcase will offer you maximum safety as it is made of the ABS plastic that makes it durable. It also has an EPS foam that supports the head well giving it maximum protection.

Pros Cons
😃 Maximum protection for your head ☹ Slow drying interior
😃 Lightweight and ventilated ☹ Expensive
😃 Unique dial in system for easy adjustment
😃 Available in multiple color options

3. Pro-Tec Classic 

There is no doubt that Pro-Tec is the leading maker of protective equipment for exciting sports fanatics. Pro-Tec Classic Helmets will protect you whilst enjoying skateboarding or riding their cruiser bikes.

The skate helmets are cheap and affordable and will offer you the much-needed protection. The skateboard helmet has a sturdy shell that absorbs any form of shock well. It is stylish and has a two-stage foam line that cushions the head against accidents.

Skateboarders hate heat. High temperature induces profuse sweating and this can temporarily blind the skaters. Scorching heat also causes confusion if not dissipated well. The Pro-Tec Classic Helmet has large ventilation that prevents such issues from occurring. By using this helmet, you are assured that your head will be cool and you will be able to ride in peace.

Pro-Tec Classic being an advanced helmet, it has enhanced how people compete outdoors. For instance, you don’t need a heavy baggage in your head as you try to enjoy your sport. That is the reason why Pro-Tec Classic has a lightweight design making it fun to use. It will not irritate you nor weigh you down while you try to perform some skateboard tricks.

For those who like stylish and good looking accessories, then this is the best helmet for you and for fun kids helmets. It is eye catching and you will definitely enjoy having one.

Pros Cons
😃 Durable PE shell ☹ If it scratches. The scratches are visible
😃 Soft moisture lining
😃 Well-placed cool air vents (11 large vents)
😃 Two-stage foam liner


  • Sizes for all users (Small, medium, large and extra-large sizes)

Our Conclusion

Are you looking for a sleek-looking helmet that guards the head well in the event a person falls? Then you need to buy this helmet. Are you shopping for moisture-wicking lining that keeps your head dry? Pro-Tec Classic Helmet is the best. We have tried to highlight all the substantive reasons why this helmet is one of the best in 2018.

4. Razor Youth’s V-17 Multi-Sport

Razor as a company is one of the best makers of skate helmets in the world. It is made up higher quality with a cutting-edge design. It is an excellent choice for skating, biking, scooter, or any other form of sports activities that requires a protective helmet. It comes with a Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set.

You are looking for a skate helmet that will offer you comfort, then Razor Multi-Sport Helmet guarantees you such comfort. The skateboarding helmet has a well-designed padding and an extra sizing pad that will offer you the much-needed comfort.

The Razor helmet will also ensure that you don’t experience high temperature. The skateboarding helmet has 17 vents that help to keep your head cool. The buckles can assist you to tighten up, experience some breeze, and fasten your chin belt according to your convenience.

We recommend this helmet due to its stylish and durable nature. They are comfortable and will save your life in case of an accident. Can a youth or kid in helmet be protected? Absolutely

Skateboarding helmets are light and do not stress you when you are doing your skateboarding skills. You need to purchase a correct size so that you can have a memorable skateboarding experience.

Pros Cons
😃 Impact-resistant shell ☹ Runs big
😃 Top and side vents (17)
😃 Elegant purple gloss theme
😃 Quality multi-sport design
😃 CPCS certified helmet


Youths (but there is a kid and an adult design)

Our Conclusion

The skateboarding helmet meets all the prerequisite CPSC safety standards. It is multipurpose and can be used for a variety of activities such as biking and skateboarding. The skate helmets have an impact shell that will protect you. The shell is durable and it does not crack easily. It is stylish and the theme does not fade.

5. Flybar Multi-Sport Dial Helmet

Safety starts with you and riding a skateboard without a certified helmet is an imprudent idea. You must also ensure that the skateboarding helmet that you are using is comfortable and does not expose you to harm. If you have a helmet that is uncomfy or has a design that irritates you, then it’s time to replace it with a Flybar design.

To start with, the Flybar helmets comes with multiple colors that make it an elegant skateboard accessory. I am personally in love with the blue color. The skate helmets are strong due to its ABS outer shell that will absorb any form of impact in case of a fall and it will protect your delicate head from injury.

To spice it up, the price of the helmet is pocket-friendly and it won’t milk your fortune.

‘Safety First’ is a common phrase that we use when reviewing products. This helmet is certified by the CPSC to be used for cycling, skateboarding, longboarding, and roller skating. We can assure you that you will enjoy using this prodigious design when you’re competing or training.

Expect good ventilation of air due to its ventilation. No matter the design, style, preference, taste, Flybar got you covered. You will definitely fall in love with their designs.

Pros Cons
😃 Soft padded interior ☹ Only a few color and design
😃 Has a strong ABS outer shell
😃 Meets safety standards
😃 12 breathable air vents


Small (53- 55cm), Medium (55-58), and Large (58-61 cm)



Our Conclusion

Its quality is astounding and you will definitely enjoy using it.

6. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

You probably want to start your skateboarding lessons and you want to get it right for the first time. Perhaps, you want to replace a cracked helmet to keep yourself safe. If you fall into this category, then the Triple Eight helmet got you covered.

This helmet has been designed to conform to all the CPSC standards in the US. It is one of the most protective skateboard helmets in 2018. If you want to enjoy all the skateboard tricks and remain safe on your thrills, then you need this helmet.

Lovers of skateboarding have no chance to risk their lives by riding casually without a proper helmet. The helmets are made of ABS plastic that makes the shell secure proof. In the event of an accident or a fall, the helmet has an EPS liner that will protect your head from trauma.

Skate helmets are lightweight and have a slick design that will make you look like a guru. Due to its lightweight, comfortable features, and less fear of damage of your head, you can be able to reach high speeds effortlessly.

There are numerous reasons that we recommend people to purchase helmets from top-rated brands such as Triple Eight helmet. You may be working on a tight budget, but purchasing some low-grade helmets will not results to justice to your precious body. The Triple Eight skateboarding helmets will not bruise or irritate you like some low-grade helmets. It is your guardian angel as it will protect you in the eventuality of an accident.

Pros Cons
😃 ABS plastic outer shell for maximum protection ☹ Can get an inexact sizing if you don’t make good measurement
😃 Breathable air vents
😃 Soft sweat saver pads
😃 Comply with US CPSC standards for safety

Our Conclusion

Purchase a helmet that is from a top-rated brand and shun from low-grade helmets. Choose Triple Eight Dual Certified helmet.

7. Punisher Skateboards Helmet (Youths and Teens)

There are some people who love cool colors or graphics. Some have flavorless looking or oil-themed skateboard helmets because they have not been able to trace some stylish skateboarding helmets. Punisher skateboards helmets are for all those who love cool graphics. The nice colors are fixed on the outer shell making it look extremely stylish.

For girls aged 5 years and above, they will fall in love with a distinctive butterfly jive theme embedded in the outer shell. It is made of high-quality materials and it is apparent that your kids will be comfortable and not irritated by it. The EPS insulation in the interior of the helmet will offer comfort to your kids.

Safety First! This helmet is CPSC certified skateboard helmet. It has a hard ABS plastic that is used to make its shell and this provides extra protection for your kids. The flexible chin strap ensures that the kid’s head is protected even while riding at high speed.

It has air vents that will ensure that the helmet has enough air circulation and your kids cannot get dizziness that can result from high temperatures.

Pros Cons
😃 Amazing cool graphics in the outer shell ☹ Slightly large and rounded
😃 11 cooling vents
😃 Adjustable chin strips to keep your kid helmet fit
😃 Tough outer shell


Suitable for kids aged 5- 14 years.

Our Conclusion

Bright colors and cool graphics thrills kids. Despite its alluring colors, this helmet will protect your kids from any form of damage to their delicate head. The skateboarding helmet is versatile and can be used for a variety of activities such as bike riding, skating, and BMX-ing. Perfect gift for your kid!

8. Critical Cycles Bike Helmet

The popularity of this skateboarding helmet has grown over years for its versatile nature. This critical cycles bike and skate helmets can be used by skaters and those who enjoy riding bikes. They will offer your utmost protection as while keeping you as comfortable as possible. It is classy and will give you a perfect look as you go on with your day-to-day sporting activities.

The bikers and skaters carry a great risk of harming their head while they are enjoying this sports. These skateboarding helmets are made of ABS plastic shell that will protect you from head injuries. The thick EPS liner that makes the interior of this helmet ensures that there is no contact between your head and the shell and that you stay comfortable.

You can buy this best helmet in reliable online shops such as Amazon at a cheap price. The skate helmets will ensure that you do not experience high temperature while you are skating. It has 11 air vents on its shell that will cool your head and make you comfier while doing your skateboard tricks.

The critical cycles bike and skate helmets will come with two sets of detachable pads for a faultless fit. It is durable and it will last longer. When you are looking for skateboarding accessories, this is one brand of helmet that you should purchase. They have a variety of helmets that will match your taste and suits your preference.

Pros Cons
😃 Perfect sizing ☹ Grow small with time
😃 CPSC safety accredited
😃 Multipurpose helmet
😃 Multiple color selections

Our Conclusion

The interior characters will keep your head cool lowering the risk of heat stroke. It has a durable ABS shell and a removable screen that shades the eyes while riding. This is the helmet you’ve been waiting for.

9. TSG Pass

TSG Pass Helmet is a product advanced and engineered by three-time world downhill skateboard champion Martin Siegrist. The skateboarding helmet is the real definition of splendid quality.

The solid shell and its aerodynamic design permit for an uncontrolled speed haste. The CE accredited creation permits you to cut loose with self-confidence.

The TSG Pass helmet has a sphere-shaped curled screen with scratch-proof, anti-fog coating that warranties optimum exterior vision. The skateboarding helmet supports the anti-fogging design.

It has a nose vent port together with a radical out-breath obscuring blocker above the mouth that pushes exhaled breath down and out of the helmet.

This helmet will keep you safe and offer a design that will refresh your looks. It is a full face helmet that is not only attractive but is exceptionally light.

Distinct to other helmets, it does not contain an EPS foam noticeable around the boundaries of its shell. It also has some magnetic cheek pads that make it easier to clean the helmet and be comfy.

Pros Cons
😃 Anti-fog cover ☹ Pricey
😃 Comes with 2 spherically curved shades
😃 Well built-up with maximum visibility
😃 Accredited by the International Downhill Federation
😃 Perfect EPS impact foam
😃 Perfect size fit.

10. Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

The Bern watts helmet review places it among the top 10 skateboarding helmets of 2018. It is a low cut helmet. The helmet has a thin durable and long lasting shell made of ABS. Its interior is made of EPS foam that offers a comfy and a great feeling. The helmet is not only efficient in summers but it also can be used on winters. It is an all-season helmet!

If you replace your helmet with this super quality Bern Watts Helmet, you will wish that you did it sooner. The skateboarding helmet will fit you well and protect you in case of an accident. You can use it while skateboarding, riding on your bike, and all other activities that require the safety of your head. In short, this helmet will offer you a total package of comfort, style, and safety.

Pros Cons
😃 Safety guaranteed. ☹ Unusually small size
😃 It is a multipurpose helmet
😃 Customized fitting
😃 Has a visor that keeps snow or light away from your face
😃 Useful all year round
😃 The helmet is designed to entail audio ready ear flaps that permit you to listen to music when you are skating.
😃 The shell is made of EPS foam and ABS outer shell that absorbs tough impacts.

Types of Helmets

☑ Full Face for Aggressive Riding

The full face helmets are the top-rated helmets as they will give you the utmost level of safety on the road. They are perfect for those people who love aggressive riding.

The best skating helmets ensure that your entire face is covered leaving no chance that your jaw or any part of your head hit a pole or ground in case of an impact.

☑ Road Helmets

This is a multipurpose helmet that can be used for all skateboarding, bike riding, and cycling or any other sports.

☑ BMX Helmets

The BMX helmets are available in the open and full face. The full face version gives total protection and they are highly safety compared to the open face necessary for BMX racing.

The open face is efficient for dirt jumping and flatland riding.

☑ Wiggle Range Helmets for Kids & Youth

For youths and kids, wiggle range helmets are the best. If you’re purchasing skating equipment for your kid then consider the wiggle helmets as they are best known for safety standards.

☑ Leisure Helmets for Great Look

The helmets have great look and they are exceptionally lightweight. It is exceedingly vented with race pedigree aspects. However, the helmets are very costly.

☑ Mountain Bike Helmets

For additional coverage, great vents and retention, this helmet are designed for such features. If you like downhill skating, this is the helmet for you.

☑ Time Trial helmets

For time responsive racing, you’ll require the team trial helmet. The key benefit of this helmet is to provide protection and aerodynamic benefits when the clock is ticking.

☑ Aero Road Helmets

It is a new type of helmet that lies between a vented helmet and trial helmet and it is well designed to provide you with the ease movement, compact size, and lightweight along with aerodynamic features.

Check on the best skateboard brands for beginners

Features of the Best Skateboarding Helmets

I have previously used JBM Skateboard Helmet and it served me well. Feel free to use the following guide to find yourself the best brand in 2018:

⣠Material: When you’re purchasing a novel skateboard helmet, it is advisable to check the material used to make it by asking yourself the following questions:

Is the material used light or durable?

Will the helmet protect your head from injury when you fall down or bang your head on a lamppost or a pillar?

ABS plastic materials are the best as they are sturdy. Whenever you buy a helmet, never sacrifice safety. Always remember Safety First!

⣠Price: Look for cheapskate helmets made of good material for safety

⣠Design: After making sure that the helmet is made of a good material, check its design. Does it make a kid with a helmet look good?

Is the helmet comfy when you wear it? Skateboarders spend numerous hours in parks and streets doing their skateboard tricks.

If you purchase uncomfortable helmets, you will have a lot of challenges and negative results when you are in action. Have a design that is well ventilated to ensure you reduce the risk of heat stroke during summer months. Also, check on the weight. Find a comfortable one that will help you enhance on both performance and safety.

⣠Size: One of the major mistakes that people make when they are purchasing a helmet is to select and ill-fitting size. Please, do not make this mistake. Before purchasing a new skateboard helmet, determine the size of your head. To get the correct size use a tape measure, a ruler, or a string to check on the size. Lastly, use this value as a guide for finding the best skateboarding helmets.

⣠Style: A stylish helmet does not affect your performance in the street or park. Nonetheless, a stylish helmet will boost your confidence. Purchase a quality skateboarding helmet that you will enjoy to use.

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